Father Son Brother Friend.

Hailing from the state of Michigan, Adam Reverie has come back this fall with his latest release, Father Son Brother Friend! Reverie takes a very personal approach to the 13 track project. With no features and production from the likes of Stereo Symphony, DJ Burn One, V-Dizzle, and others, you get all of Adam Reverie. After giving us his previous project, Michigan Autumn: Ballad of Adam Reverie, did you really think he was going to leave us hanging this fall? Naw, bruh.

Because Adam loves me he dropped this gem on my birthday and gave me a physical copy. Similar to my experience with Money Makin Nique's Guyana Gold, I got to have a more physical experience with FSBF. And yes, it's such an amazing difference from just listening to it on the computer. Adam Reverie really gave us all of him. He made us fully aware of his talent (without being too cocky about it), confessed his flaws, and told some stories that we can all take something from. While opening up to the listener with his words, Adam has grown, and at least to me, branched out as far as his style goes. 

He has always been versatile but he has taken few different routes style wise on this project, especially when compared to Michigan Autumns. And I just love his selection in production. He gets on some beats that are ill and goes in. He always matches the quality of the production with his talent. 

It's pretty set in stone that I am a fan of Adam Reverie's and he is yet to cease to amaze me. Looking for something to relate to and enjoy at the same damn time, check out Adam Reverie's Father Son Brother Friend and you just might become a fan too.

Adam Reverie's Father Son Brother Friend

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