Since moving from VA to Atlanta, GA, Phil The Thrill gives us the visuals to his song, FTL$! The song is produced by Henry J. Stuart and the visuals are directed by Brian Da Director. Phil continues to put out work that we can all relate to and this video is no different.

We see Phil's everyday grind from home to work and how it is obviously not what he dreams of doing for the rest of his life. I actually like the beginning of the video with Don Cannon because he made a great point of how Phil is not like every artist coming out of VA. When it comes to this VA emcee, you have to appreciate the fact that he's not just giving you what you want but that he is really digging deep and trying to give you what you need. I love this song and these are some pretty cool visuals to go along with it. Watch and enjoy!

Bonus: Check out Phil The Thrill's latest single, For Me!

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