Come Alive.

As we (im)patiently wait for her forthcoming project, Pulp Fiction, Miloh Smith gives us the second single, Come Alive featuring electrifying musician Ricky Fontaine. Production is by Jordan Ware and is assisted by Ricky on the guitar. 

As you listen to Come Alive, you'll notice one main thing: it sounds nothing like anything you've heard from Miloh before. Miloh's songwriting and vocals can definitely translate to different musical styles. Well really, any musical style if Miloh really takes it there. She is still able to maintain that soulful, trill feel to her voice as she conquers this dark, pop rock production. 

Honestly, fuck all the genre labels, this song just sounds amazing. And lyrically, this song is moving. I think Come Alive really shows the passion Miloh has for her music and where she is willing to take it. She has officially let us know that she has no boundaries when it comes to her music. Therefore, we should expect the unexpected with each one her releases. The only thing we can be certain of is that it's going to be dope. I think I've listened to this song at least 800 times, no flex. And once you listen to it, you'll have it on repeat too. Enjoy!

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