Life Goes On.

In efforts to cement his name and work into our mentals, Orlando to Brooklyn emcee Lafayette Stokely gives us his latest body of work, Life Goes On.  With 15 tracks, Lafayette truly takes us with him on his journey of life thus far with focus on his move from the South to the North and his gains and losses. He's assisted in telling his stories with features from Segnon, AJ Wils, JohnNY U, and Chris Saunders. The vibes throughout the project are created with production from Mark Friendly, Segnon, Fresh Nerd, fellow Soulstice member Ross Munroe, and others. This is Lafayette's second solo project and first LP.

It's not unusual for an artist to get personal in their music. For some if not most, making music is a form of therapy. What is unusual is an artist being open in their music and being able to form an entire conceptual project centered around their openness. Lafayette Stokely has managed to do just that. Bluntly vocalizing his fears and curiosities, while humbly expressing his confidence, Lafayette takes us along for the ride in his physical and mental journey.

Sonically, the project is cohesive. And it very much follows that classic pattern of stories where there is an introduction, a build up, climax, etc. Energy went from turnt to moving and back to turnt again. Lafayette showcased his multiple musical influences without sounding like a rip off version of any of them. I especially loved how he stayed true to his Orlando origins yet fused his new found Brooklyn attitude into the project. This is one solid project and a great re-introduction of Lafayette Stokely to the people. 

Experience a journey other than your own that you can relate to as you check out Lafayette Stokely's Life Goes On!

Lafayette Stokely's Life Goes On LP

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