The Introduction.

Adam Reverie takes us back to one of his earlier projects, Muses In A Reverie,with his latest video, The Introduction. The minimalistic yet powerful visuals are directed by Reverie himself. Muses In A Reverie was probably the first project I checked out from the emcee and I loved it.

Having an entire project speaking on the beauty, souls, and overall awesomeness of women is something that not many male artists can pull off. Especially without calling them a bitch or hoe out of spite. And after meeting him in person, I can testify to how much of a gentlemen Adam is, But I love that Reverie revisited the project and gave us a visual from it. Pure dopeness!

Check out Adam Reverie's Muses In A Reverie EP here!

Also, peep his "Revmix" of Childish Gambino's Melrose here!

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