Worst Behavior.

The internet errupted with the release of Drake's latest video, Worst Behavior. It's his third single/visual off his plantinum album, Nothing Was The Same. Director X and Drake aimed to remind us of Drake's second home of Memphis, TN. Cameos in the video included Drake's father, Project Pat, Juicy J, some adorable young ones, and a dancing OVO mascot.

It's rare for me to bother to post content everyone and their mamas are posting, especially when it just dropped, but I had to post this video. I liked Started From the Bottom and Hold On, We're Going Home was a bad comedy skit, but I fucks with the visuals for Worst Behavior. Drake and X took a very organic approach. They utilized the environment and culture of Memphis in a way that didn't strip it of it's authencity.

It didn't seem forced. It's as if they literally pulled up to Memphis, hopped out the car and was like, "Hey, let's shoot a video!" And knowing Drake and how he can do the utmost when it comes to visuals, it was very refreshing to watch this video and not feel like propaganda was being shoved down my throat.

My only complaint is that I would have liked more energy in the video. This song is turnt and when you sing along, you feel like King Kong. I would have loved for the visuals to really express that. Other than that though for a Drake video, this was awesome. Kudos to you, Champagne Papi. Enjoy people.

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