"You Always Live Again" is M.I.A's response to Drake's motto and now motto to many "Y.O.L.O". The multifaceted artist links up with clothing brand, Kenzo for the visuals to her single, Y.A.L.A! Presented by i-D magazine along with the relaunch of their website,  M.I.A's visual gives us a mindfuck with flashing images, her face projected on some kind of chain screen, and her futuristic regal attire. Love the use of color in the video! And the flashing images did kind of mess with my eyes. I have a slight headache now.

But fuck all that, M.I.A is killing it right now! Her album, Matangi is amazing! She went off on this project. It's music your body can lose control to while your mind gains knowledge and you consciousness gains awareness. I don't care if the album didn't have a crazy first week of sales because that does take away from the "epicness" of the music itself. M.I.A is more than a music artist, she is a revolutionary, and most of all a leader. Sooner than later, if not already, people will realize how important her work and she as a person is to this generation and our culture. If you think I'm bluffing, go to iTunes, Spotify, etc and consume the dopeness of her album, Matangi.

Also, a dope documentary on M.I.A is on the way, check out the trailer below!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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