Eastside Paradise II.

ATL's own and representatives of the Two-9 collective, FatKidsBrotha recently released their project,  Eastside Paradise II! This is a sequel to their first Eastside Paradise project that dropped like a year or two ago, I believe. EPII includes features from Bosco, Snubnose Frankenstein, Miloh Smith, fellow Two-9 members Resse and Curtis Williams amongst others. All songs are produced by Snubnose Frankenstein.

This project is hard! They put some work into this one. FKB are like ATL's Clipse to me. They are really good at setting up a scene of the environment they're in. In other words, you feel like you're living in the moment they're talking about. I really like the overall sound of the the project. Very cohesive without sounding like it's all on one note. And I guess we can thank Snubnose Frankenstein for providing them with some really dope, vibe out worthy production.

When I think when it comes to FKB, it's not so much about them evolving as artists but more about how they are perfecting their sound. Even in the process of perfecting, they manage to give quality work. When we look back at the era of New Atlanta, I don't think the history of it would be accurately told without mentioning the music of FatKidsBrotha. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I'm pretty sure you all will too. I need a hard copy of this like now!!! Enjoy y'all. EA$TSIDE!!!

Check out the video for their song, Magic featuring Miloh Smith below!
Directed by Andrew Litten & Mike Kusumadjaja

FatKidsBrotha's Eastside Paradise II

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