Lana Del Rey makes her way back into our minds with the release of her short film, Tropico!The film is directed by Anthony Mandler and inspired by LDR's songs, off of her Born To Die: Paradise edition. The songs included are Body Electric, Gods & Monsters, and Bel Air. And playing LDR's love interest in the film is international model, Shaun Ross.

This short film is the truth. I love that Lana is willing to step out and do things differently compared to other "pop" artists. And all of the creativity of the people around her and her own is shown in such a beautiful, subtle way. It's not so overt and thrown at you. Loved the storyline and how all the songs connected to tell a story. This is so well done.  Great way for LDR to come back on the scene and I look forward to what else she has coming up for us. Check it out and enjoy!

Here's the bomb ass movie poster for it by the way!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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