Universal Motown's own and one of my proclaimed Trill Queens, STORi unleashed a full project for us titled #BADASSDAME! Released back in December and after a slew of singles, we got an 11 track mixtape full of STORi's dopeness. Mixtape includes features from Trinidad Jame$, Juelz Santana, and A. Layne. Production is handled by JaePlease, J.Stevens, Magnificent, Shoddy, and many more.

Well its about time we got a solid project from the lovely STORi! Loved all the songs she dropped throughout the past years but it had me wondering if she could pull off a full project. Since she can sing and rap her ass off, her style is versatile and sometimes versatility, when not controlled to an extent, can make a project seem like a clusterfuck. But I think STORi has a good hold on her style.

#BADASSDAME really displays STORi's soft yet solid personality. While carrying a clip in her clutch, she can be a sexy lady to her better half and stay strong to defend herself when needed. I feel like I was able to see a little more into the New Jersey native's world and artistry. 

As big of fan as I am of STORi's, I do wish there was more. More complexity and uniqueness in the music that is. Crazier and harder production. More unique and original flow. Thought provoking lyrics and attention grabbing melodies. This is one of her early projects, if not her first, so all that I ask for as a fan will come as she evolves as an artist. But I do believe if we were to get all of that from STORi, especially on the next project, her true talent and ability will shine bright as fuck.

This mixtape is dope nonetheless. It's really easy to enjoy and rock with. It feels like you get to hang out with STORi for a day and enjoy her presence. Now best way to listen to this mixtape and truly enjoy it-eliminate all expectations you have of a female singer/rapper. I know you're already comparing her to so many people before you even press play-stop. Just sit back, relax your shoulders, press play, and listen. And honestly, you should do that for all new music you listen to but trust, you'll get understand the story of STORi more if you just listen to her. So yeah, enjoy!


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