Hold It Down.

Izzy Jone$ gives us the visuals for his single, Hold It Down, 'fro freshly picked and all. It's off his upcoming EP, Nature and he ties in the theme as he wonders throughout the woods. The song and the video are really cool.

The video seems introspective in sense that Izzy walking and sitting in the woods resembles him exploring the thoughts in his mind. And the editing was pretty dope as well. I like the simple yet mind pulling production of the song and Izzy matched it nicely with his wordplay. In fact, I think his wordplay in this song is my favorite aspect out of all of this. Izzy Jone$ knows how to effectively use his voice as an instrument which really adds emphasis on his witty wordplay.

Spring of this year is when we should expect Izzy to introduce us to Nature, and it seems like it might just be a good trip. Enjoy!

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