Visual Artists to Follow on Instagram.

For a long time I was not in the world of Instagram. But ever since Instagram (finally!) formatted it's app for Windows Phone, I'm back in IGtown like never before! I love following interesting people, especially creatives in different fields. My favorite kind of people to follow are visual artists. Not only do we get to see their latest work but often they let us see the process of their creations and what inspires them. So I decided to spotlight the visual artists I follow in hopes that you check them out as well!

Click below for the artists!
Many throughout the South are probably well aware of visual and tattoo artist, Paper Frank. His art is more on the animated side of things and includes bold colors and clean lines. Frank has signature characters and themes in his work which can translate to different mediums such as wall of an old building or a tattoo on a girl's arm. While following Paper Frank on IG, you get to see the progression of his latest works, his surroundings, and you even get to bid on his art or see where he may have left some freebies throughout the city of Atlanta. It's always dope to see what Frank is creating next.
I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know South Carolina artist, Zipporah Joel, last year as she part of ForteBowie's Gucci Mayne music video. Zippy, as she is referred to by many, is an amazing artist and will turn any average object into something truly dope. From crewnecks to rolling trays, Zippy will find the appropriate coloring instruments and turn the object the fuck up. Her art is also more animated but she can turn your favorite person into a pretty cool cartoon. Zippy's fun and trill personality is poured into everything she does making her art appeal to everyone's gangsta side. Follow Zipporah Joel on IG to see her latest creations, how you can get your hands on them, and get a peek into the life of trill free spirit.
I actually discovered Manny Panda through IG, which is crazy because he is here in Atlanta. Not even sure if Manny Panda is his moniker, but it is his IG ID, so we're gonna run with it. Manny takes common elements of life and puts them together to create these surreal works. I also love how bold and prominent the coloring is in his work. While following the Panda on IG, you enter his world through his art and photos of everyday moments with the people around him.
I've known of Lano and his work for a while now, so it was dope to finding him on IG and seeing some of his latest creations. Lano's work is primarily like these overall print works that he has managed to put on anything you can imagine. Whether it's a beanie, a wall, or even a car, he paints everything by hand and it's comes out so beautiful. His work has been recognized and worn by some of your favorite celebs such as, Chris Brown, Fabolous, and Kevin Durant. Follow YeahLano on IG and you'll get to see what he has applied his work on, celebs that support him, and some motivational quotes paired with his beautiful work.
Caught wind of Jacob Rochester from Asaad aka Saudi Money when Jacob did some artwork for him. I loved his accurate interpretations of high end street wear in his work. The J's he draws literally look the J's you wear on your feet. His work is digital animation and sketch. From artwork for music to custom exterior designs for a car, Jacob's work knows no boundaries. While following him on IG, you'll see his latest work and some throwbacks, his latest musical endeavors (yeah, he's music artist as well), and whatever other things he gets into.
Be sure to follow all these amazingly talented artists and support their work! Also, if you know of any visual artists that you enjoy following on Instagram, list them in a comment below! And be sure to follow me on there too! IG:thegirlEs!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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