Are You That Somebody.

 LA's own, BANKS takes on Aaliyah's modern R&B classic, Are You That Somebody while visiting BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. I am SUPER critical of anyone doing anything involving Aaliyah and her work because she means so much to me. With that being said, I saw that one of my favorite artists out right now covered Aaliyah and was like, "She better not fuck this up!" And she didn't.

BANKS killed this shit so smoothly. It's like she committed the illest crime ever and will never get caught for it. How she flipped the feel of the song without messing with the tempo and made her unique voice fit the melody and lyrics so well-this is like perfection. She has rightfully earned additional Brownie points with me. Thank you BANKS for giving honor and respect to Aaliyah. 

I haven't blogged in months and I had to just share this with y'all-that's says something.

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