Do I Wanna Know.

As I was on my daily browse on the www for some dope music to check out, I stumbled on this video of MS MR covering Arctic Monkeys' Do I Wanna Know. In all honesty, I think I may have faintly heard this song before, probably shopping in the mall or something, because it sounds familiar. But I'm not too hip to the Arctic Monkeys, so yeah this isn't on my Starred playlist on Spotify.

However, I am hip to MS MR and I love their music. I totally clicked play without paying attention to the title of the video and thought that this was just a live performance of their own original song. I watched the entire video and at the end was like, "Oh shit, that's a cover?!"

I say all of that to say this: MS MR completely shitted on Arctic Monkeys on their own song, bruh. I love the attitude Lizzy Plapinger put into the song and her voice is just fucking ill. The band complimented the new vibe she put in the song too. And as I write this post, I'm playing this video for the 5th time. 

If you just want some high quality music to check out for the purpose of experiencing something dope, press play my friend. 

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