Persuade My Mind.

So you know how on SoundCloud you'll play one song and once that song is over, they play "Related" songs after? That's exactly how I found this gem from Cleveland artist, Queen Chella titled Persuade My Mind. This song is 10 months old, which doesn't matter really because dopeness doesn't expire but the fact I discovered recently is kinda wild. And dope.

Queen Chella has this "homegirl who just so happens to be talented as fuck" vibe about her. Although she only has three tracks on her SoundCloud, I sense this chillness in her personality and also her wisdom. Her voice is so smooth and easy going. And her rapping feels like she's giving you reality check with a splash of humor. But I just love the arrangement and honesty of this record and it magically become very relevant to my life right now.

Hopefully the dope gods can persuade Queen Chella to give us more gems soon but until then, let's bow our heads and vibe out to her dopeness! Enjoy!

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