Tangerine Girl.

Man, when's the last time I had some Asher Roth on this site? Well, Asher is on some new shit with his latest single and video, Tangerine Girl. It's off his upcoming album, RetroHash. And what a perfect album title for the direction of his music lately.

Usually when artists get inspired by the past, it comes off like they're trying too hard. In the case of Asher's new music and especially Tangerine Girl, it just feels right. I think he has found one of many lanes he can have his talent travel in. It also seems like he has fully embodied the whole retro steez as well. I mean, the long hair looks great on him. But all in all, I'm excited to hear what Asher has cooked up for us and we'll get to try it out 4.22.14 when RetroHash drops. In the meantime, peep this actually kinda funny video. I want some roller skates now...

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