Sounds of Sampha.

It's Sunday. And Sundays always have us feeling some type of way. Maybe you're recovering from a crazy Saturday night or trying to get that last bit of peace before a hectic Monday, but Sunday is that good ol' midpoint for you. For me, Sunday is Moi Day. I take this time to either sleep til 3pm, bake brownies, watch Almost Famous three times in a row, or simply lay in my bed and think of all the epic shit I'll do in life.

On this Sunday, I decided to edit some photos, sip some orange soda, and listen to the wonderful sounds provided by UK's own, Sampha. Maybe it's his voice... maybe it's the lyrics, but I just really feel this guy's music. It's moving and reflective and it just seems like the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday. Songs like Beneath the Tree and Sbtrkt's Something Goes Right get you dancing like a ray of sunshine was injected into your veins. Then Indecision and Too Much really have you thinking about your feelings, others in your life, and just life in general, but in a peaceful and stress free way.

This playlist I created on Spotify is just really hitting the spot for me today and I thought maybe I could share this awesome feeling with you. Make sure you drop some orange soda too. Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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