Forbidden Fruit.

Enter another dimension of your heart as you're guided by the soulful sounds of Zyah Belle, with her latest single, Forbidden Fruit. It's off her latest EP, Cigars and Amaretto. Visuals handled by Natho of OGMedia.

When I saw the black room and neon paint, I was a little turned off cause I've seen this approach to being "different" too many times before. But when I pressed play, I was instantly reminded of the soulfulness and smoothness of my favs Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. The video does nothing for me but I truly enjoy this song. And there is no denying Zyah's talent.

Listening to Cigars and Amaretto, it's clear that she has some pretty good records on her. I'm not the biggest R&B head, but probably could listen to Zyah all day—and that says a lot.

Get in touch with your soul in a psychedelic way with Zyah Belle's Forbidden Fruit.

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