I Don't Know.

I need to go to Nashville again. I need to be breathe the same Tennessee air that these two talented residents who I adore breathe. Nashville duo, litkaby which consists of emcees PA Lit and KABY, have graced us with some visuals for their song, I Don't Know. It's off their joint project, Just Because, which I've known about (and been listening to) for the longest! And even with my hectic schedule, I regret not putting y'all on to this project sooner.

Visuals are handled by Kelly Hite and features the duo in dark hallways with flickering lights yet totally "lit", lol. But I love this minimal approach to the visuals because it doesn't take away from how ill this song is.

But besides this video, y'all really need to get into Just Because! EP has 5 very different tracks which show how  PA Lit and KABY can pretty much kill anything thrown at them. I freakin' love Tea Time at the Apollo! But yeah, just do yourself an ill favor and check out Just Because! It's sooo necessary! Enjoy!

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