WeAreDope: Henry Stuart x SZA "Warm Winds" Remix

It's backkk! Yes, welcome to the return of the series, the movement, your life- WeAreDope! I know you missed it and needed it back, so here it is!

For the return of the series, I'm hitting you with an exclusive from an amazing talent based out of Philly by the name of Henry Stuart. Originally from Minneapolis, this producer/EDM artist has been working with up and coming artists, including his group Midnight Society, but he is now showcasing his work on its own. 

Henry and I have developed a dope relationship and respect for each other's work over time. So with him knowing about how I'm not exactly a fan of Top Dawg's SZA, he hit me with a remix of her latest single, Warm Winds. What a friend. Lol-No, but really! He somehow managed to get me to fuck with a SZA song.

I'm not gonna review this remix because with WeAreDope presenting it, obviously, I fucks with it. But I had to present it, and prop it up on a pedestal. He literally changed the direction of where these Warm Winds blow. Henry Stuart is one to watch and after you listen to this remix, you will agree. 

I present to you...

For more of Henry Stuart and his awesomeness, check out:

WeAreDope is back, and it feels so damn good...
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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