Good Morning Midnight.

There's always that time of the day when you want to greet someone and you literally pause to think if it's appropriate to say "Good Evening" or "Good Morning". When I reach that moment, I've learned to say "fuck it, what's good!" 

And it appears that Atlanta resident,  A.Ware has been able to musically personify the before, during, and after feels of that strange moment in the day with his debut solo project, Good Morning Midnight. The 14 track project was done in collaboration with producers, Ronnie P and Proski.

What I really love and appreciate about this project is the diverse selection in the songs sampled throughout the project and how the samples were tailored to A. Ware's flow and the original production. Artists sampled range from Avant to FTSE-can we talk about the fucking Avant sample in Yellow Watermelon though? Fucking amazing! They get all the dope points for that execution.

But overall, this project is filled with feel good vibes which makes it an easy and enjoyable listen. Most of us may know A.Ware from the duo Mach Five (with Corey Davis) but I think he will be making quite a name for himself if he continues to give the people all this smoothness. And he should stick with Ronnie P and Proski. The three of them is like the recipe for greatness.

Whether you're on your way to bed or just waking up, it's time to enjoy Good Morning Midnight.

A. Ware's Good Morning Midnight

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