Most of us are just truly getting into the groove of the summer and not too focused on the next season, but Atlanta based artist, Marian Mereba already has plans for the fall with her latest single, September. A rude awakening to a disrespectful and ungrateful lover is what this song serves as. The confidence of the lyrics is matched so well with the easy going, reggae inspired production, which was handled by ForteBowie. 

I know I have talked my shit about Marian's music before but it was really constructive criticism because I really do want to be a fan of hers. With this new single, I really like the direction she is going in. And I'm liking this kind of energy on her as well. I look forward to her forthcoming album and hopefully it'll be so dope that when I do talk my shit, its me bragging about how ill she is. Until then, let's be well prepared for September.

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