Brooklyn, NY is making another comeback to Hip Hop and it is quite interesting. We were first truly introduced to the GS9 movement when a six second clip from Bobby Shmurda's Hot Nigga video turned into one of the most epic Vines and IG videos of the year. The clip showing Shmurda and his boys doing the now infamous, Shmoney Dance became so popular that the song blew up and yes, Bobby Shmurda got a deal. You know how this goes by now.

Well, the movement does not stop at Bobby. Fellow GS9 rep, Rowdy Rebel-I just love their names, got some heat for the online and offline streets titled Computers! And duh, Bobby is on the track. I really like this song. It's interesting that they are really not into hooks, they just keep going and going and some how keep your attention the whole time. Maybe it's the beat... maybe.

I just find these guys interesting overall. When I first saw the Shmoney clip, I automatically thought that these guys were from Chicago. Chicago doesn't have any real dances coming from there but it reminded me of this jig girls in Chicago be doing (i.e. Katie Got Bands "Pop Out" video). And I knew they weren't from Atlanta because they don't sound like it and we got more than enough dances out right now. When you see dudes dancing, you don't think Brooklyn. Also, their music sounds a lot like music coming out of Chicago. But you know A$AP Mob presented a new flavor from Harlem, and I suppose we can say that GS9 is doing the same for Brooklyn.

All I know is that I like it!

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