I Hope God Listens to My Rap Songs.

If God has a Soundcloud account, GA artist, SUBMiT hopes that he is following him and rocks with his work. SUBMiT dropped visuals for his song, I Hope God Listens to My Rap Songs, and expresses his own curiosity of God's plans for his music career. With Tristan Ervin Visuals behind the direction of the visuals, SUBMiT is alone on a beach having somewhat of a one on one convo with the Most High.

I instantly get some KanYe vibes from this song and video and usually that's a bad thing for me but I think SUBMiT was really aiming for simplicity and honesty and he did just that. In the song, he is not coming off all "preachy" or questioning God's power and existence, SUBMiT is truly speaking from the heart and how he hopes God is as involved in his career as his manager is. I love this and I wish more rap artists were more honest or even just talked about their own spirituality in their music.

Shout out to the STNDRD... and they clearly don't call themselves the STNDRD for nothing.

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