I love Spooky Black. I was trying to think of some clever opener to this post but I just had to get that little fact out there. I am in love with his project, Black Silk, and plan on blasting some tracks at my wedding and on my honeymoon-whenever that happens.

Being from St. Paul, MN and his appearence, you would think that he knew nothing about R&B music and how to properly tie a durag-but he does. And he makes some amazing music. He represents another angle to this alternative R&B wave that has been lead by the likes of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean.

Spook Black's latest project, Leaving, is a more stripped down presentation of his talent and style. And his lyrics seem to be more introspective and emotional on this project. But even with this more somber vibe from him, Spooky Black still shines. His voice is just so ill and he has great control of it. This project is perfect rainy day or late night drive music. Whether Spooky blows up in this industry or not, I feel like I will be a fan of his for a long time. But I do wish him much success because I know how this world and industry works.

Get into this durag smoothness, y'all.

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