Came across this gem of music from Cuban-French sister duo, Ibeyi, titled River! It's their second official single out and it's amazing-they are amazing! They incorporate their heritage and other cultures so heavily in their music yet their music could appeal to anyone.

Fun facts time! Ibeyi (the group) are daughters of Cuban percussionist, Anga Diaz. After their father's death, they followed their father's footsteps and learned to play Caj√≥n. Their name, Ibeyi, is Yoruba (Ethnic group of Nigeria) meaning "twins". Along with learning their father's signature instrument, they learned Yoruba folk songs and incorporate them into their own music.

A-maz-ing! The visuals for their song River is simple, intriguing, and lowkey haunting. Originality like this is so rare nowadays and I'm so glad I came across Ibeyi. Not only are their songs dope but they have some crazy talent. And I love how they each have their own distinct voice but their voices together blend so well.

I can't for them to drop an album-I bet it will be mind blowing.

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