The Final Comeback. ...Hopefully.

Bruh. BRUHHHHH!!!! It's done. It's over. The girl they call Es is done with college! TURN UP! The one thing that I felt like held me back (yeah, higher education can feel like it's holding you back), I'm finally done with it.

Now it's hustle season till I'm comfortable enough to retire and my name is carved in stone to live on forever. So with that said, I'm back at this blogging gig. I missed it terribly. I tried to comeback before but my brain was fried from all the classes. With more time and more brain power, I'm ready to come back y'all. 

I plan to keep sharing all the dope music and things I come across. Going to restart WeAreDope because there are so many creatives whose brains I want to pick and other bloggers and brands I want to collab with.

I hate that this is like my 100th "comeback" on this blog but I'm praying it's my last because I'm ready to be on my shit for the long run. 

As always, much love to everyone who has supported me all these years (six years to be exact) and those who supported me along the way. And also shout out to everyone who continued to share their work with me even though I wasn't even blogging. That means a lot to me and I automatically fuck with you on basic human to human level for that. 

I'm ready y'all. More than ever. Let's do this. Let's make history.

p.s. this gif perfectly demonstrates how I feel about finishing school and returning to my industry life full time.
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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