Ras Griffin III.

It's happened again. That moment when I find a gem accidentally and it blows me away. This gem is by DC artist, Ras Nebyu and is titled Ras Griffin III. This project is infectious and undeniably dope. The project consists of 10 tracks and includes features from Money Four Drugs, The Arckitech, King Matho and more.

I feel like someone opened the door to a whole new world to me when this project started playing on Soundcloud. His sound... the sound is so different and perfect! I was hooked off the first song but the other nine tracks are dope too?! Bruhhhhhh!!! His vocals and tone, how the songs are composed, what he's saying-it's so fucking epic. It's been a while since I heard some music that made me stop what I was doing and just had to vibe with it.

Ras Nebyu is quite an interesting individual. He channels his Ethopian heritage and Rastafarian/Pan-Africanist beliefs into his work which forms the unique aspects of his music. In the project, he worked with multiple producers yet everything sounds like it was made to all at once for the some vibe.

This project is just so meaningful and beautiful. I will definitely check out the rest of Ras Nebyu's work and I bet the rest of you will be doing the same after hearing Ras Griffin III. Gosh, I'm in love with this music!

Ras Nebyu's Ras Griffin III

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