Stupid Girls.

Summer is over and Cuffing Season is approaching! But before you go looking for "bae" ladies, Jazmine Sullivan has a warning for us-don't be stupid! Jazmine linked up with NPR for a unique premiere of Stupid Girls, where she sang her single in the most ironic places ever- a barbershop full of men. I fucking love it! Through the awkwardness and tension, Jazmine's beautiful voice garners the men's attention and forces them to peep the warning too.

This is an amazing and necessary song. I would like to personally thank Jazmine for this song and for not being afraid to be blunt about the topic. Often girls (and women) seem to think the way they go about love it not the issue-but we're human and make dumb decisions too. Listen ladies, Jazmine done warned y'all now!

And can I get a "fuck yeah!" for Jazmine coming back?! We needed this! Stay tuned for her upcoming album, Reality Show! That was such an unintentional pun, I promise!

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