Ends (Money).

Follow JMSN and his lady of the night in his latest video, Ends (Money). And yes, there's a pole and some skin is shown, so it's NSFW. But for us not at work, this video is pretty dope.

If you are a fan of JMSN or have seen some of his previous videos, you know that his videos are unpredictable and intriguing. For his upcoming self titled album (aka The Blue Album), JMSN's aesthetic is VCR tape like visuals with present days aspects. It's dope and somewhat comically. Like the overlay of him counting and making it rain with the money cracks me up. But JMSN will always keep it interesting and I love and appreciate that.

Besides the video, this song goes! This shit dope as hell. The evolution of this guy's artistry is beyond dope. Excited for this project. Get your ones out and start a rainstorm on someone.

Check out the infomercial (which is freakin' hilarious) for the upcoming album, then pre order it!

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