Hey there. Been a long time, huh? Yeah, I know I ain't shit. It's all good though. Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!-How's 2015 treating you so far? Good? Good. Well enough of the fluff, let's get serious.

I'm in a transitional mode right now in all aspects of my life, including this blog thing. I got real sick of just listening to music, reviewing it, and posting it. I know y'all like that stuff but I like variety. Since I started this blog in '08 (Yes, I've been here for a minute), I always try to find ways to differentiate myself from other blogs/bloggers and present content in a dope, refreshing way. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. But I've learned from each attempt.

With that said, I'm gonna attempt to do something that I did way back in the day-vlog. Bruh, I was vlogging before it was really even a thing. Before you could make money off it. Before it could change your life! So I'm older now, my life is bit more interesting, and I have A LOT to say. 

What does this mean for my good ol' blogging? It's still going to happen. Not everything needs a video for it. I don't need to do a video on a song I like or a dope brand I discovered (unless they send me some products! *winks*). So this blog will still be alive and well. The blog will also serve as a place for any and everyone to talk their shit too. So start to make the comment section your home. Your comments are your rent-so pay up!

My subject matter for both my vlogs and blog will expand. I will aim to talk about all things culture, not just music. Anything interesting or anything I feel like you need to be aware of-I'll share it with you. Also, you will get to know me a little better to. I've noticed people have very different perceptions of me-which is cool, but if I can show you what I'm about, then I will do so.

I don't like hearing myself talk. I like conversations. I want to hear your stories and opinions and I feel like through vlogging and my continuation of blogging, that can happen. So with that said, the "they" in "thegirltheycallEs" is just as important as the "Es" in it. 

This blog is not just mine. It's ours. 2015 is gonna be great y'all. Get excited.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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