My Garden.

Kat Dahlia delivers the visuals for her song, My Garden off his debut album of the same name. She is literally in her own version of a garden in the video and is accompanied by a snake who she seems to be extremely comfortable with-go Kat!

I feel like I heard of Kat Dahlia before but she was mad pop-like and I was not intrigued but something tells me I may be confusing her with some other singer from Miami. Unless Kat went through a complete transformation and became amazingly 1000x doper.

Either way, I like this chick. Her voice and vibe is like a cross between Nelly Furtado and Alanis Morissette. It's melodic and rough. And I think I really like her because it doesn't feel forced or manufactured. I love how she borrows melodies from other songs and makes it her own. For example in My Garden, she borrows the melody of Barrington Levy's adlibs on Shyne's Bad Boyz. I bet you young ones didn't catch that. Lol And in her other single, Gangsta, she borrows from 50 Cent's Wanksta.

She's dope, I can't even front. Listened to some of her album and I mess with it. So check her out and enjoy!

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