The What's Underneath Project: Melanie Gaydos.

Came across this really awesome series by StyleLikeU titled The What's Underneath Project. They interview individuals in the fashion industry and ask them to remove their clothing to "honor how style is not the clothes you wear."

The first episode I saw was with high fashion model, Melanie Gaydos. In a raw and honest manner, she talks about her struggles in the fashion industry and in life. Even with her getting emotional in the interview, I saw a lot of strength in her and I admire her for that. And plus, she seems like a pretty cool ass chick to hang out with. Also, her modeling work is BOMB! Google her.

For more of The What's Underneath Project, check out: 

Word to StyleLikeU for creating executing such a necessary series. Love it.
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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