Too Young.

White Iverson himself, Post Malone has dropped a new hymn for the young and wild titled Too Young! When I first heard Post Malone's White Iverson, I was hooked. I actually admitted on Twitter that I listen to the song way too much. But naturally when an artist has a really dope and/or hot song, you think that's where it ends for them. It wouldn't be likely that they would  drop anything as good as their hit-but that is not the case for Malone.

Too Young is a song I think people can not only rock with but truly relate to. There's something really honest and vulnerable about Malone and this song really expresses that. And this dude's flow is crazy! Like we're all use to the sing-y rap almost everyone and their momma is doing but Malone really be going in. I really like this dude and I hope he continues to keep giving the people some really dope music to rock with.

And I swear he makes music for girls who twerk and strip in the comfort of their own bedrooms.

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