Nah.. Forreal... EXACTLY.

"That nigga Money Makin' Nique, aight!" Yessss we have new music from West Atlanta's finest, Money Makin' Nique! Nah... Forreal... EXACTLY is Nique's take on Drake's 10 Bands. I mean it only makes sense he gets on 10 Bands, am I right?!

This freestyle serves as a taste of what's to come with Nique next body of work titled Bimmer Candidate. And for those of you who are late when it comes to the greatness of an emcee we refer to as Money Makin' Nique, google him and catch up before he drops this project. Don't ask questions, just go and do it. Press play and enjoy!

Sidenote, the artwork cracks me up. Wild!

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