Still Chiefy.

Michigan's own, Gueringer the 13th reminds us of his chiefy ways with his latest release, Still Chiefy! This is release is part of his #TribedayFriday series where the people get a new song from him every Friday. This is leading up to his anticipated album, Clifford.

If you have been reading my blog for like the past two years, you should be familiar with Gueringer and his work and like I always say about him and other emcees, the evolution of his artistry is amazing. With this weekly series, Gueringer is spitting straight heat for us. His lyrical content and style is like on 10 right now. And he always give us his signature energy which is one of the main reasons why I'm a fan of his.

Check out his soundcloud and listen to the previous #TribedayFriday releases. Gueringer is about to give you a soundtrack to your summer, get ready!

Last week's release (and my favorite so far), Summers Mine!
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