No Sleeep.

Mom's homeee!!!Yasssss! Janet Jackson is back with some smoothness to get us right for this weekend with her new single, No Sleeep! It features J.Cole, who kills it! Janet definitely went back to her 90's vibe for this song and I am loving it!

I'm so excited that I can barely type! Janet Jackson is like everything to me and I will fight you if you try her-I dare you Meek Mill, I dare you! Lol But I'm so happy about this comeback of hers and it seems to be going really well and we are all excited for her. Love this song and I want the album now but I'll wait till Mom is ready to give it to us! Press play now, you know you want to!

Janet will be on tour for the rest of the year and the first quarter next year, so check out her website for all the dates!!!

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