Something Else About Bowie.

Four years ago, Atlanta's own ForteBowie dropped a classic project titled Something About Bowie and probably didn't even realize it at the moment. And in 2015, history has repeated itself with the release of his latest project, Something Else About Bowie. Forte continues to tell us his story through progressive melodies and production and honest lyrics. Project features newcomer Tate and legend in the making, Money Makin' Nique.

I could sit here and be like, "This shit is amazing! Dopest shit you're gonna hear this summer." And all of that is true. What I will say is, this is only the beginning. If you rate this project is 10/10, the music Forte has in his vault is like 50/10. So enjoy this project, live with this project, and prepare for even more greatness that is on the way.

On behalf of Forte and the 1990 LLC team, thank you and enjoy!

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