The Cycle.

Whether you are watching the news or keeping up with social media, a subject that is always on our minds whether we speak on it or not is police brutality and more specifically, police brutality against black people. It seems like everyday there is a new case of this matter and it unfortunately results in the death of an innocent person.

In an effort to not only start this conversation amongst people but to also conduct it in a productive manner, director Michael Marantz and Already Alive give us the short film, The Cycle. The Cycle is described as "a free tool to inspire important dialogue about the cycle of violence and fear that affects our communities." The film follows a NYC cop (played by Ade Otukoya) as he commits a fatal mistake and deals with the aftermath.

This film is literally only about 11 minutes long yet so much is told throughout. The story is so well written and the film is extremely well directed. I think that this film needs to be seen by everyone and I think the conversation to follow will educate people and allow people to open up and share their feelings. I also think it's awesome to use art in any shape or form to provoke a neccessary conversation that is affecting so many of us. 

Since this film is presented as a tool, there is also a free conversation guide you can use to engage in conversation with those who watched it with you.

I know that we can get tired of talking about these issues and it seems draining but if we don't talk about what is happening, nothing will change. We have to continue to have these conversations where we educate and share with each other. Due to the state of where we live right now... not having these conversations is like life or death. We have to be the change we want to see.

To watch The Cycle and for more information, visit:
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