White Lightning.

When did this happen? Apparently, Aubrey and Shannon of former girl group, Danity Kane are now a duo called dumblonde. Here is the video for their first single, White Lightning, which is actually pretty dope.

I was a huge Danity Kane fan and was always upset about the disbanding of the group. But Dawn went off to have some solo success and for a minute, four of the girls got back together but obviously, that didn't last.

Finding out about dumblonde, I'm actually excited about them! Aubrey and Shannon were never really standouts in their early girl group days but they have found their lane and are riding quite well in it. Their vocals are very fitting for the electro pop vibe of the production they have been working with. I'm obviously not expecting powerhouse vocals from them but I like what they're doing.

The video is really cool. Simple yet intriguing. dumblonde... I'm liking this. Press play and enjoy. ...I'm gonna have go listen to Welcome to the Dollhouse now. =/

dumblonde's self-titled, debut album is available for pre-order on iTunes now!

For more dumblonde, check out:
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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