Always and Forever... Aaliyah.

It's been 14 years since we lost the amazing talent and beautiful soul that was Aaliyah. Her work continues to inspire artists and producers over the years and this is a quick playlist of their takes on her music. This playlist includes remixes, re-works, and covers from artists across genres.

Some people still can't understand why Aaliyah is is considered legendary and important to others today and the fact of the matter is that she was so ahead of her time. She helped open the doors for female artists to be the other kind of girl-next-door. The girl who wore baggy pants and jersey, kept her hair and makeup simple, and was an overall free spirit.

And most of all, she was indeed talented. She had a such a beautiful, smooth tone and her range was wide. She made it acceptable and even profitable to not be like every other female artist out. So hopefully that puts things into perspective for those who just don't understand why Aaliyah remains important to music today.

I will always love and miss Aaliyah. She had a big impact on me as a young girl and that impact continues as I continue to mature. May her legacy live on... always and forever.

Enjoy the playlist, share this playlist, and just dance your ass off... do it for her.

*Sidenote: Drake's label, UMG, came at people hard on Soundcloud after his recent album. They took down covers, remixes, and yes, my remix project. I am going to try to redo the project as a playlist and not one "mixtape-like" track, so y'all can enjoy it still. So bare with me.
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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