Quickie: BASECAMP's Greater Than EP

I love me some BASECAMP and when their latest EP, Greater Than popped up on my Soundcloud home stream, I pressed play instantly. The Nashville group continues to warm our hearts and make our heads bob with their smooth, layered production and Aaron's vocals... can we discuss his voice real quick.

Aaron Miller's voice is like NSFW. His voice on this EP is like silk sheetson the bed in a candle light room, with the windows open on a warm summer night. Yes, it's that damn sexy. And on this EP, he really showcased the beauty of his voice.

Honestly, I like this EP more than their self titled EP because they really explored the boundaries of their unique sound. And this is some of the best music I've heard as of recent. Kinda sidenote, the re-work of Greater Than-Aaron, you're not slick and I'm still a Boss of Nova fan. So if y'all are going to re-work gems from those days, I need a re-work of Cold Tea-just saying!

BASECAMP is everything! And so is this EP, so press play and indulge!
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