I Miss Obama, too.

Doug Mills/The New York Times
Recently, I was on Twitter and was checking out the trending topics like I always do. Saw that "I Miss Barack Obama" was the top trending topic. And of course, I kinda freaked out. I'm like, "What happened? Where is he? OMG!"

But it was just the title of a popular New York Times article by David Brooks that a lot people could relate to, including me. I Miss Barack Obama didn't recognize the great attributes of our current president but also how just messy the presidential candidates.  The 2016 election has been a real circus with both parties and it will have even Obama haters nostalgic of the good ol' days when Obama was running and his time in the White House.

Besides being the first president of color, Obama has truly been iconic as a leader of the free world. America is yet to be perfect but you have to admit, it got a whole lot better under his administration. Well, people will have strong opinions about that but um, change surely came and hope is still in the air.

So as the wild primaries continue, sit back and reflect on one of the best presidents this country will probably ever see.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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