The War Against & Within Azealia Banks.

I logged onto Twitter today and saw on my timeline that people were either rejoicing or simply content that Azealia Banks' Twitter account was suspended. This came after a beef-fueled week from the artist which included racist remarks to ex-boy band member, Zayn Malik, and overall mean comments to  Disney actress Skai Jackson. By all means, we know this isn't the first beef Banks has ever had. She literally has some kind of beef or goes on some kind of rant at least twice every season. This behavior has become normal for us to see from her.

There are other issues that the Harlem bred creative is facing as well. Such as body image, which caused her to begin bleaching her skin and maybe even get breast implants. Then there are also her political views which include her support of Donald Trump for president-do I have to explain why that's problematic?! And I'm sure there is a slew of other issues that she faces not only as an artist but as a human being. And because of that, I sympathize with her.

Yes, I feel for Azealia Banks. I understand her anger and her pettiness. For me, when I truly dissect her antics and overall opinion about things, there is some true logic and emotion behind it. I don't agree with her approach 99.9% of the time when she is trying to get her point across but I get it.

Put yourself in her shoes if you dare to fit in them: 24-year-old dark skin black woman who is a singer/songwriter/rapper based in America. Now at first glance, that may seem like nothing much to consider but every word in that description is something. Those words can represent barriers to opportunities, being discredited for your creativity and originality-and just overall oppression. Azealia's artistic journey has not been an easy one. She's had major label drama, whether it was her fault or not, and her talent and innovation have gone overlooked by so many due to unauthentic competition. *cough* Iggy *cough* So as you metaphorically stand in her shoes, you want to tell me that you wouldn't even be a slight bit angry and frustrated at what's going on?

And no, her behavior doesn't help her situation but we can't overlook where all this negative energy stems from. She is fed up and sick of how the industry and maybe even the world are treating her. And this industry isn't kind to anyone but because no two artists are created equally, everyone deals with it differently. Think about it, Azealia could be strung out on drugs and alcohol, or even doing self-harm but she's not. At least we haven't heard that she is, which leads me to another point.

We don't know everything. About anyone. Her situation can be 100x worse than what we think it is. She could be facing some real-life pain and all we see is her dealing with it on Twitter in the form of bullying others for whatever reason. So you think you know her, then you bash, and judge her. We are so good at knowing our own problems and how to hide them as if others around us aren't doing the same. When it comes to these celebrities, you only know what is reported or what they choose to display on social media but I'm sure that's not even half of their stories.

So do I see her behavior as a cry for help? Yes. Is she responsible for her actions and should be held accountable then? Yes. I've been following Banks' career since she dropped her first music video and I genuinely love her work. And she is undeniably talented. I don't think this is a phase but a war within herself and I know that she is fighting to see brighter days whether she is aware of it or not. But as a fan and fellow black woman just trying to find her way, I refuse to rage war against her. She needs support, not for her current actions but for the betterment of her future, -and even some prayers. I truly believe that she and her situation can change for the better. But we'll see if it happens when it happens.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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