Thursday, October 16, 2014


ForteBowie is truly on his way to becoming the king of remixes and covers. And if you think I'm bullshitting you, check out his take on PartyNextDoor's hit, Recognize. Forte adds passion and soul to the originally blunt and to-the-point song. And plus, Forte is like actually singing-no shade to PND, I like his voice. This remix consists of like four different vibes yet they all mesh together so well that you can't help but to rock with it.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what ForteBowie has on the way for the people. And just in case you missed it, check out his "comeback" track, Blasphemy 3! It's officially ForteBowie season-stay woke.

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Mona Lisa.

Forcing the viewer/listener to utilize more brain power than usual when checking out new music Philly emcee, $wipe grabs your attention with his visual, Mona Lisa. The song has great energy and $wipe consistently hits you with lines you might have to run back a few times to fully digest. And video will throw you off with its dark, morbid vibes. It's weird, but it works.

$wipe definitely has some skills but I'm interested in hearing more of his upcoming work to hear what makes him unique. And I think Mona Lisa is a great start from differentiating himself from the rest of the pack. Hopefully, he continues to grabs my attention. Will he grab yours? Check out the video.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ras Griffin III.

It's happened again. That moment when I find a gem accidentally and it blows me away. This gem is by DC artist, Ras Nebyu and is titled Ras Griffin III. This project is infectious and undeniably dope. The project consists of 10 tracks and includes features from Money Four Drugs, The Arckitech, King Matho and more.

I feel like someone opened the door to a whole new world to me when this project started playing on Soundcloud. His sound... the sound is so different and perfect! I was hooked off the first song but the other nine tracks are dope too?! Bruhhhhhh!!! His vocals and tone, how the songs are composed, what he's saying-it's so fucking epic. It's been a while since I heard some music that made me stop what I was doing and just had to vibe with it.

Ras Nebyu is quite an interesting individual. He channels his Ethopian heritage and Rastafarian/Pan-Africanist beliefs into his work which forms the unique aspects of his music. In the project, he worked with multiple producers yet everything sounds like it was made to all at once for the some vibe.

This project is just so meaningful and beautiful. I will definitely check out the rest of Ras Nebyu's work and I bet the rest of you will be doing the same after hearing Ras Griffin III. Gosh, I'm in love with this music!

Ras Nebyu's Ras Griffin III

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stay With Me.

I've had Sam Smith's album, In The Lonely Hour, on repeat recently and of course one of more powerful songs on there is Stay With Me. Fellow British artist, FKA Twigs visited BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge and decided to put her on own spin on the hit ballad.

She did that y'all! This cover is so ill! I love that she wasn't afraid to deconstruct the song and build it again in her own way. She makes the song have an eery and even more lonely vibe but yet you're still comfortable with it. Isn't it awesome when your favorite artists are fans of each other? Amazing shit happens. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out FKA Twigs debut album, LP1, out now! Listen to it on Spotify!

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Nashville's own, D.O.U.G.H. gives us a theme song for those of us building our own empires titled Judas. Oh yes, when you are trying to establish anything, you need to be aware of those Judas-like characters trying to mess you up.

The production of this song literally makes me want to grab a hammer and literally build something-feels so strong. I fucks with D.O.U.G.H. besides he takes on concepts/topics for songs that the typical emcee probably won't think of and executes them so well.

Solid release, I enjoy this!

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Subherbia Sweets.

If you were looking for a project that perfectly sums up the summer and flows right into the fall, check out the latest release from Southern soulheart, Nia Keturah titled Subherbia Sweets! The project feels like Nia is letting us into her world and making sure we get the proper experience while there.

Even though this is a selection of rough drafts of songs, they come together so well. For us Keturah fans, it's awesome to have another project from her. And for those of you whose introduction to this artist is this project, this is some dope music to chill and live with. And I highly suggest you check out more of her work because she's different from anyone else out there.

And the Puff Daddy verse in the title track was perfect! Love this! *sips sweet tea*

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The Original Betty Boop.

We all have a classic and iconic symbols and people we adore and seem to never get over. For many girls whose favorites are based on beauty we feel that we may never posess, one of those iconic characters is Betty Boop.

The pixie haircut, big eyes, tiny waist, and amazing hips in the ulimate black dress-who wouldn't want to be her! But we just knew her as a cartoon in comics that eventually ended up on lunchboxes, notebooks and countless other merchandise.

But did we really know who Betty Boop was? Was she even real? Well people, she was! And her story is more compelling than you would think.

Meet Esther Jones.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stupid Girls.

Summer is over and Cuffing Season is approaching! But before you go looking for "bae" ladies, Jazmine Sullivan has a warning for us-don't be stupid! Jazmine linked up with NPR for a unique premiere of Stupid Girls, where she sang her single in the most ironic places ever- a barbershop full of men. I fucking love it! Through the awkwardness and tension, Jazmine's beautiful voice garners the men's attention and forces them to peep the warning too.

This is an amazing and necessary song. I would like to personally thank Jazmine for this song and for not being afraid to be blunt about the topic. Often girls (and women) seem to think the way they go about love it not the issue-but we're human and make dumb decisions too. Listen ladies, Jazmine done warned y'all now!

And can I get a "fuck yeah!" for Jazmine coming back?! We needed this! Stay tuned for her upcoming album, Reality Show! That was such an unintentional pun, I promise!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Candler Road.

East Atlanta native, Childish Gambino reminds us again that he is actually from GA with his latest loose track, Candler Road. It still blow my mind that he's from Atlanta-East Atlanta at that. I honestly thought he was from NY for the longest. 

Anywho, Gambino get on this track with that hard Southern energy we love but of course he maintains his witty punch lines. And the beat switch was cool and after his last album, Because the Internet, it's not usual to me that he did that. I don't know if Candler Road was a track cut for the album but either way, I think it's dope and I can never pass up on some new music from this guy.

Candler Road has the worst service at all their fast food restaurants-you've been warned. 

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Work the Middle.

When it comes time for the next presidential election, I'm totally writing in Lil Debbie's name for president. People be thinking I'm playing when I say that I love her. And with her latest single, Work the Middle, my love for her couldn't be any more real. Directed by Joe Dietsch and Louie Gibson, the video follows suit with other visuals from Debbie as they all show a fun and quirky side to her.

I particularly like this song from her because I can clearly hear that she is becoming a better rapper. Her flow is not insane and her lyrics are not so complex, but I can tell she is understanding how she can work with the production and be herself when making music.

And people will always hate on her because she is this petite white girl from Cali. But unlike other rap artists who don't exactly fit the typical rapper mold-Lil Debbie clearly understands who she is, where she is from, and is not afraid to be herself. She is not out here trying to be something she is not whether it comes to her music or appearance. And because of that, I love and respect her. And I love her take on that bit from Aaliyah's Rock the Boat.

Lil Debbie for President 2016.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

I Hope God Listens to My Rap Songs.

If God has a Soundcloud account, GA artist, SUBMiT hopes that he is following him and rocks with his work. SUBMiT dropped visuals for his song, I Hope God Listens to My Rap Songs, and expresses his own curiosity of God's plans for his music career. With Tristan Ervin Visuals behind the direction of the visuals, SUBMiT is alone on a beach having somewhat of a one on one convo with the Most High.

I instantly get some KanYe vibes from this song and video and usually that's a bad thing for me but I think SUBMiT was really aiming for simplicity and honesty and he did just that. In the song, he is not coming off all "preachy" or questioning God's power and existence, SUBMiT is truly speaking from the heart and how he hopes God is as involved in his career as his manager is. I love this and I wish more rap artists were more honest or even just talked about their own spirituality in their music.

Shout out to the STNDRD... and they clearly don't call themselves the STNDRD for nothing.

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Friday, August 15, 2014


Came across this gem of music from Cuban-French sister duo, Ibeyi, titled River! It's their second official single out and it's amazing-they are amazing! They incorporate their heritage and other cultures so heavily in their music yet their music could appeal to anyone.

Fun facts time! Ibeyi (the group) are daughters of Cuban percussionist, Anga Diaz. After their father's death, they followed their father's footsteps and learned to play Caj√≥n. Their name, Ibeyi, is Yoruba (Ethnic group of Nigeria) meaning "twins". Along with learning their father's signature instrument, they learned Yoruba folk songs and incorporate them into their own music.

A-maz-ing! The visuals for their song River is simple, intriguing, and lowkey haunting. Originality like this is so rare nowadays and I'm so glad I came across Ibeyi. Not only are their songs dope but they have some crazy talent. And I love how they each have their own distinct voice but their voices together blend so well.

I can't for them to drop an album-I bet it will be mind blowing.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


I love Spooky Black. I was trying to think of some clever opener to this post but I just had to get that little fact out there. I am in love with his project, Black Silk, and plan on blasting some tracks at my wedding and on my honeymoon-whenever that happens.

Being from St. Paul, MN and his appearence, you would think that he knew nothing about R&B music and how to properly tie a durag-but he does. And he makes some amazing music. He represents another angle to this alternative R&B wave that has been lead by the likes of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean.

Spook Black's latest project, Leaving, is a more stripped down presentation of his talent and style. And his lyrics seem to be more introspective and emotional on this project. But even with this more somber vibe from him, Spooky Black still shines. His voice is just so ill and he has great control of it. This project is perfect rainy day or late night drive music. Whether Spooky blows up in this industry or not, I feel like I will be a fan of his for a long time. But I do wish him much success because I know how this world and industry works.

Get into this durag smoothness, y'all.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Brooklyn, NY is making another comeback to Hip Hop and it is quite interesting. We were first truly introduced to the GS9 movement when a six second clip from Bobby Shmurda's Hot Nigga video turned into one of the most epic Vines and IG videos of the year. The clip showing Shmurda and his boys doing the now infamous, Shmoney Dance became so popular that the song blew up and yes, Bobby Shmurda got a deal. You know how this goes by now.

Well, the movement does not stop at Bobby. Fellow GS9 rep, Rowdy Rebel-I just love their names, got some heat for the online and offline streets titled Computers! And duh, Bobby is on the track. I really like this song. It's interesting that they are really not into hooks, they just keep going and going and some how keep your attention the whole time. Maybe it's the beat... maybe.

I just find these guys interesting overall. When I first saw the Shmoney clip, I automatically thought that these guys were from Chicago. Chicago doesn't have any real dances coming from there but it reminded me of this jig girls in Chicago be doing (i.e. Katie Got Bands "Pop Out" video). And I knew they weren't from Atlanta because they don't sound like it and we got more than enough dances out right now. When you see dudes dancing, you don't think Brooklyn. Also, their music sounds a lot like music coming out of Chicago. But you know A$AP Mob presented a new flavor from Harlem, and I suppose we can say that GS9 is doing the same for Brooklyn.

All I know is that I like it!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Final Comeback. ...Hopefully.

Bruh. BRUHHHHH!!!! It's done. It's over. The girl they call Es is done with college! TURN UP! The one thing that I felt like held me back (yeah, higher education can feel like it's holding you back), I'm finally done with it.

Now it's hustle season till I'm comfortable enough to retire and my name is carved in stone to live on forever. So with that said, I'm back at this blogging gig. I missed it terribly. I tried to comeback before but my brain was fried from all the classes. With more time and more brain power, I'm ready to come back y'all. 

I plan to keep sharing all the dope music and things I come across. Going to restart WeAreDope because there are so many creatives whose brains I want to pick and other bloggers and brands I want to collab with.

I hate that this is like my 100th "comeback" on this blog but I'm praying it's my last because I'm ready to be on my shit for the long run. 

As always, much love to everyone who has supported me all these years (six years to be exact) and those who supported me along the way. And also shout out to everyone who continued to share their work with me even though I wasn't even blogging. That means a lot to me and I automatically fuck with you on basic human to human level for that. 

I'm ready y'all. More than ever. Let's do this. Let's make history.

p.s. this gif perfectly demonstrates how I feel about finishing school and returning to my industry life full time.
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