The Cycle.

Whether you are watching the news or keeping up with social media, a subject that is always on our minds whether we speak on it or not is police brutality and more specifically, police brutality against black people. It seems like everyday there is a new case of this matter and it unfortunately results in the death of an innocent person.

In an effort to not only start this conversation amongst people but to also conduct it in a productive manner, director Michael Marantz and Already Alive give us the short film, The Cycle. The Cycle is described as "a free tool to inspire important dialogue about the cycle of violence and fear that affects our communities." The film follows a NYC cop (played by Ade Otukoya) as he commits a fatal mistake and deals with the aftermath.

This film is literally only about 11 minutes long yet so much is told throughout. The story is so well written and the film is extremely well directed. I think that this film needs to be seen by everyone and I think the conversation to follow will educate people and allow people to open up and share their feelings. I also think it's awesome to use art in any shape or form to provoke a neccessary conversation that is affecting so many of us. 

Since this film is presented as a tool, there is also a free conversation guide you can use to engage in conversation with those who watched it with you.

I know that we can get tired of talking about these issues and it seems draining but if we don't talk about what is happening, nothing will change. We have to continue to have these conversations where we educate and share with each other. Due to the state of where we live right now... not having these conversations is like life or death. We have to be the change we want to see.

To watch The Cycle and for more information, visit:
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The Light Phone.

Few months ago, I traveled to my home away from home, Nigeria, and unexpectedly was off the grid from most technology and the internet. Now Nigeria is not some desolate country, in fact, Nigeria is booming in all areas including technology. But due to the circumstances I was in, I didn't feel any of that "boom".

For the first few days, I was really pissed I couldn't access my email or check out my Twitter and Instagram timelines. But as time went on, I was glad I was off the grid of the World Wide Web because I was actually enable to enjoy... well at least experience what was happening around me. And I was able to enjoy the people around me too.

For those of us who would like to escape all the "extraness" of our mobile devices today, there is the Light phone. The Light phone brings you back into the time where phones were made to simply call others-nothing else. This light weight, simplified device connects with your current cell phone and while eliminating the notification buzz from email, social media, and apps. So while you may be missing notifications from retweets from Twitter or likes from Instagram, you won't miss a call from Mom or anyone else.

They say it's "your phone away from your phone". I like to think of it as a vacation phone. Often fellow family members may complain that you're "not being in the moment" and let's be honest, they're right. Even for someone like myself who literally makes a living off of social media and the internet, there are days when I don't want to be bothered by the constant "tapping of the shoulder" feel of those things.

The Light Phone is up for pre-order right now on the company's website. It's $100 for the device, the charger, SIM, and 500 pre-paid minutes. To me, that is actually somewhat affordable and I could definitely see myself copping one of these.

So you don't need to go out of the country to go off the grid. You can cop a Light Phone and go off the grid in the comfort of your home or your world.

For more on the Light Phone, check out:
Moo's Interview with Light Phone's co-founder, Joe Hollier
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No Sleeep.

Mom's homeee!!!Yasssss! Janet Jackson is back with some smoothness to get us right for this weekend with her new single, No Sleeep! It features J.Cole, who kills it! Janet definitely went back to her 90's vibe for this song and I am loving it!

I'm so excited that I can barely type! Janet Jackson is like everything to me and I will fight you if you try her-I dare you Meek Mill, I dare you! Lol But I'm so happy about this comeback of hers and it seems to be going really well and we are all excited for her. Love this song and I want the album now but I'll wait till Mom is ready to give it to us! Press play now, you know you want to!

Janet will be on tour for the rest of the year and the first quarter next year, so check out her website for all the dates!!!

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White Lightning.

When did this happen? Apparently, Aubrey and Shannon of former girl group, Danity Kane are now a duo called dumblonde. Here is the video for their first single, White Lightning, which is actually pretty dope.

I was a huge Danity Kane fan and was always upset about the disbanding of the group. But Dawn went off to have some solo success and for a minute, four of the girls got back together but obviously, that didn't last.

Finding out about dumblonde, I'm actually excited about them! Aubrey and Shannon were never really standouts in their early girl group days but they have found their lane and are riding quite well in it. Their vocals are very fitting for the electro pop vibe of the production they have been working with. I'm obviously not expecting powerhouse vocals from them but I like what they're doing.

The video is really cool. Simple yet intriguing. dumblonde... I'm liking this. Press play and enjoy. ...I'm gonna have go listen to Welcome to the Dollhouse now. =/

dumblonde's self-titled, debut album is available for pre-order on iTunes now!

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My Dawgs.

FatKidsBrotha went the goofy route with visuals for their song, My Dawgs, featuring Jace off of Two-9's B4FRVR project. The Max Hliva directed video shows FKB and Jace literally being dogs and it is absolutely hilarious. I was giggling the whole time. But I really like this song. It has a nice, chill vibe to it and would serve as the perfect soundtrack to any kick back. Press play and enjoy!

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Move Systems.

Caught wind of this unique artist named Georgia and her new single, Move Systems. Georgia started her musical journey as a session drummer and is now shaping her own sound with smooth pop vocals and bad girl rap flow. She kinda comes off as a cross between Charlie XCX and M.I.A. But Move Systems is fye and had me jamming on the couch. And in the video, she is having fun in one of my favorite places to be in, the beauty supply store!

Georgia's self titled, debut album drops 8.7.15 and before then, she will be live in NYC! Dates listed below. Also check out her Gen F feature on The Fader here.

NYC Show Dates
8.4.15 - Webster Hall w/ Hot Chip
8.6.15 - Baby's All Right

For more Georgia, check out:
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Something Else About Bowie.

Four years ago, Atlanta's own ForteBowie dropped a classic project titled Something About Bowie and probably didn't even realize it at the moment. And in 2015, history has repeated itself with the release of his latest project, Something Else About Bowie. Forte continues to tell us his story through progressive melodies and production and honest lyrics. Project features newcomer Tate and legend in the making, Money Makin' Nique.

I could sit here and be like, "This shit is amazing! Dopest shit you're gonna hear this summer." And all of that is true. What I will say is, this is only the beginning. If you rate this project is 10/10, the music Forte has in his vault is like 50/10. So enjoy this project, live with this project, and prepare for even more greatness that is on the way.

On behalf of Forte and the 1990 LLC team, thank you and enjoy!

Watch: ForteBowie's chanelofhouston (Just Too Much) music video
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My Love.

Even though cuffing season is months away, I'm in search of bae. But not just anyone can be my bae- there is an interviewing process for that position. Majid Jordan's new single, My Love, is a great way to start the interview off.

This mid-tempo track which features OVO boss, Drake, consists of contemplating and insisting lyrics. And I love the melodies throughout the song. And Drake's vocals are strong too. So dance a little as you ask your potential the hard question of ,"Why do you want to be My Love?"

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Night Cap.

We all know there is nothing innocent about a text that reads,"We can watch Netflix and chill." And Florida based emcee, Alec Burnright will agree as he can perfectly describes the true intentions in that text with his song, Night Cap.

This song is like a movie and each verse is a new scene. The production has a vibe that I'm not hearing a lot these days but I really like it and it caught my attention immediately. If you tryna get a little sumthin', sumthin' tonight, just send your boo thang a link to this song. Thank Alec later.

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Still Chiefy.

Michigan's own, Gueringer the 13th reminds us of his chiefy ways with his latest release, Still Chiefy! This is release is part of his #TribedayFriday series where the people get a new song from him every Friday. This is leading up to his anticipated album, Clifford.

If you have been reading my blog for like the past two years, you should be familiar with Gueringer and his work and like I always say about him and other emcees, the evolution of his artistry is amazing. With this weekly series, Gueringer is spitting straight heat for us. His lyrical content and style is like on 10 right now. And he always give us his signature energy which is one of the main reasons why I'm a fan of his.

Check out his soundcloud and listen to the previous #TribedayFriday releases. Gueringer is about to give you a soundtrack to your summer, get ready!

Last week's release (and my favorite so far), Summers Mine!
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When Everybody Else Isn't.

Running low on some motivation lately? Let Cali emcee, Jetpack Jones help you out with his latest visual, When Everybody Else Isn't. The song is produced by Emune and Deadxbeat. Visuals directed by Andre Maliiik. From the lyrics, the production, and even the video, this was all well done. Easy going, yet energizing track to start your week off with. Press play and grind on!

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Better In the Morning.

A while back, I had the most random thought. And it was," What happened to Little Boots?". Well, Little Boots recently announced a new forthcoming album titled Working Girl and released her first single, Better In the Morning! This is a great song for a case of the Mondays. The song has a cheery and easy vibe to it. This song is the cream to your coffee, so drink up and enjoy!

Little Boots will be on tour this summer in the US! See flyer for dates!

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Nah.. Forreal... EXACTLY.

"That nigga Money Makin' Nique, aight!" Yessss we have new music from West Atlanta's finest, Money Makin' Nique! Nah... Forreal... EXACTLY is Nique's take on Drake's 10 Bands. I mean it only makes sense he gets on 10 Bands, am I right?!

This freestyle serves as a taste of what's to come with Nique next body of work titled Bimmer Candidate. And for those of you who are late when it comes to the greatness of an emcee we refer to as Money Makin' Nique, google him and catch up before he drops this project. Don't ask questions, just go and do it. Press play and enjoy!

Sidenote, the artwork cracks me up. Wild!

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Festival Alert: FYF Fest.

Okay everyone, we have a new festival to possibly attend this year! Hopefully you got a chance to check out my main festival post, Music Festivals We Should Go to in 2015, and saw that exciting list! So we have a really dope one to add to our list called the FYF Fest! It's all happening August 22 & 23 in LA.  This festival seems to be more so on the indie, neo soul, and electronic vibe which is nice to see. I mean they have Frank Ocean, whose album is due to be out in July, as a headliner-this festival is going to be bomb. Some of favs of mine like Chet Faker, Kaytranada, Shlohmo, FKA Twigs, and others will be performing too. This is lineup is fye, y'all. So check it out and let me know if you plan on going!
For more information and tickets, check out:
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Too Young.

White Iverson himself, Post Malone has dropped a new hymn for the young and wild titled Too Young! When I first heard Post Malone's White Iverson, I was hooked. I actually admitted on Twitter that I listen to the song way too much. But naturally when an artist has a really dope and/or hot song, you think that's where it ends for them. It wouldn't be likely that they would  drop anything as good as their hit-but that is not the case for Malone.

Too Young is a song I think people can not only rock with but truly relate to. There's something really honest and vulnerable about Malone and this song really expresses that. And this dude's flow is crazy! Like we're all use to the sing-y rap almost everyone and their momma is doing but Malone really be going in. I really like this dude and I hope he continues to keep giving the people some really dope music to rock with.

And I swear he makes music for girls who twerk and strip in the comfort of their own bedrooms.

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