Friday, June 13, 2014


Most of us are just truly getting into the groove of the summer and not too focused on the next season, but Atlanta based artist, Marian Mereba already has plans for the fall with her latest single, September. A rude awakening to a disrespectful and ungrateful lover is what this song serves as. The confidence of the lyrics is matched so well with the easy going, reggae inspired production, which was handled by ForteBowie. 

I know I have talked my shit about Marian's music before but it was really constructive criticism because I really do want to be a fan of hers. With this new single, I really like the direction she is going in. And I'm liking this kind of energy on her as well. I look forward to her forthcoming album and hopefully it'll be so dope that when I do talk my shit, its me bragging about how ill she is. Until then, let's be well prepared for September.

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Friday, June 6, 2014


As everyone is falling in love with Sia's hit single, Chandelier, and her back-to-audience performances, it is expected that there will be many remixes dropping like rain drops during a storm. But one of my favorite bands, BASECAMP gave some new energy and flare to the fan favorite.

I've heard a few remixes of this song so far but this is the first remix that gave Chandelier a vibe that I wasn't expecting-and I love that! Sia is amazing and BASECAMP turned her up in such a dope way. Enjoy!

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Good Morning Midnight.

There's always that time of the day when you want to greet someone and you literally pause to think if it's appropriate to say "Good Evening" or "Good Morning". When I reach that moment, I've learned to say "fuck it, what's good!" 

And it appears that Atlanta resident,  A.Ware has been able to musically personify the before, during, and after feels of that strange moment in the day with his debut solo project, Good Morning Midnight. The 14 track project was done in collaboration with producers, Ronnie P and Proski.

What I really love and appreciate about this project is the diverse selection in the songs sampled throughout the project and how the samples were tailored to A. Ware's flow and the original production. Artists sampled range from Avant to FTSE-can we talk about the fucking Avant sample in Yellow Watermelon though? Fucking amazing! They get all the dope points for that execution.

But overall, this project is filled with feel good vibes which makes it an easy and enjoyable listen. Most of us may know A.Ware from the duo Mach Five (with Corey Davis) but I think he will be making quite a name for himself if he continues to give the people all this smoothness. And he should stick with Ronnie P and Proski. The three of them is like the recipe for greatness.

Whether you're on your way to bed or just waking up, it's time to enjoy Good Morning Midnight.

A. Ware's Good Morning Midnight

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love the Machine.

Just now as I finished listening to EDM artist, Madeaux's debut album, I stood up and applauded him and his work. The album is titled Love the Machine and includes artist features from Shelley Harland, Molly Williams, GALLANT, and Fifi Rong.

You all know I am all about the evolution of an artist and their work and Madeaux is the best example of that right now. Hot damn, his evolution is amazing! This album is a long way from some of his earlier remixes and mixes. It's vibrant, moving, and just fucking awesome.

EDM is not for everyone, which is understandable, but I think everyone should at least check out Madeaux's work. He really makes music that anyone and everyone can rock with. And trust, he only gets better with every release.

I'm still freaking out at how amazing this is and I am over-the-moon happy for Madeaux. Get into this!!!

Madeaux's Love the Machine LP

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


When I graduated high school, I was full of ambition and wanted to be as successful as possible. My theme song for my whole collegiate career was KanYe's Can't Tell Me Nothing and it was so perfect for my attitude towards my career and life in general. Now that my college years are coming to a close and I have accomplished a few impressive things, I felt like I needed a new song to represent my revised attitude. And a few days ago, I found it.

Was listening to a mix and this song by Canadian emcee, SoulerXX titled ID came on- I had a moment. The hook is perfect for me and anyone who is out here working their ass off and people think you have reached your success limit. But the fact of the matter is, you haven't really even started yet and there is so much you are capable of. This is our anthem. So I had to dig a little into Soundcloud to find this artist and song and once I did, I had it on repeat for hours.

SoulerXX is an interesting artist. Definitely doesn't give off the typical Canadian Hip Hop vibe, maybe cause he's not from Toronto. I will definitely check out more of his work and will be on the lookout for future releases of his but I will forever love him for ID. I got a new anthem... this is important. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


You know when you listen to certain songs and as soon as you press play, you don't just hear the song but you see it? That happened to me when I first listened to Criss Lyric's latest single, Wild! Jaynez' dark production paired with Criss' drowsy yet rapid flow creates a vibe that when visualized is a late night pool party.

Neon lights glowing in the water and marijuana clouds over the heads and bodies only dressed in swimsuits, and the clinking of empty beer bottles being kicked to the side-someone let me write the treatment for this video! If Criss wants to do a video for this of course. But if you are plan on having a pool party after dark or will be attending one, be sure to have this song with you. Trust me, it's the perfect setting for this song. It's so summer ready bruh, damn!

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Spend It.

Anyone up for a game of Monopoly? Ok as we play though, we gotta bump this new joint from Northside of Atlanta's own, SUBMiT titled Spend It! Song features another member of The STNDRD, Pharoh and Chicago emcee, Taylor Bennett!

Yes, SUBMiT is back at it again and he seems hungry for some success more than ever. And this makes me as a fan very, very turnt. All summer, SUBMiT will be sure to stay on our radars with multiple song releases all up until the release of his next project, Apt. 139, this fall.

But until then, choose a playing piece cause I'm about to cop all these properties on yo' bitch ass-I totally suck at this game. Enjoy!

ALSO Atlanta, The STNDRD will be having a headlining show tomorrow called BAR ONE! It's a concert series they will be doing and seems really dope! I will be there, and I think you should be there too! See flyer for details!

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This is honestly one of those moments were I just feel like having something I am truly fucking with on my blog. One of those "fuck structure/tradition of how I usually do this" moments. This gem by a producer/engineer duo, The Code titled Her is beyond amazing.

When I listen to this song, I can't help but to groove to it. And I can listen to it over and over and over again for hours. I'm not saying it's the greatest shit I ever heard but damn it's incredibly dope. If you haven't caught wind of this song right here, press play and thank Based God for this opportunity brought to you now.

Damn I love this shit!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Double Bubble Trouble.

Grab your ski masks and 3D print out some guns because it's time to hang out with M.I.A. in her new video, Double Bubble Trouble, with The Partysquad! Song is off her latest album, Matangi, which if you haven't indulged in by now, I suggest you do so this very moment!

I live for M.I.A. visuals! She always aims to evoke some kind of emotion out of the viewer. Whether it's an urge to revolt against system or a visually induced acid trip, her videos will make you feel some type of way. And amongst all those feelings, you still want to jump up and dance your ass off.

I mean, it's M.I.A. Expect nothing but dopeness. Enjoy!

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30 for 30 Freestyle: Carmen Amare & King Los.

No beatboxing was needed when HipHop1987 got B-more's own, King Los and West Philly native, Carmen Amare for their 30 for 30 Freestyle series. No one does this anymore. No one freetsyles off the dome, on the spot and actually spits some legit bars. And the sad thing about it is that most emcees can't.

Don't get it twisted, the art of freestyling (truly freestyling) is still very important. A lot of rappers use ghost writers which is fine. But besides their flawless execution of the lyrics, can we really consider them artists? Or even talented?

So knowing about how dope Los and Carmen are at freestyling, there was no hesitation to press play. I don't want to kill it for you but they go in. And they are truly spitting right off the dome. Appreciate talent like this when you see it. Enjoy!

And because I stan for Carmen Amare, check out her take on Drake and Soulja Boy's We Made It below!
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I Don't Know.

I need to go to Nashville again. I need to be breathe the same Tennessee air that these two talented residents who I adore breathe. Nashville duo, litkaby which consists of emcees PA Lit and KABY, have graced us with some visuals for their song, I Don't Know. It's off their joint project, Just Because, which I've known about (and been listening to) for the longest! And even with my hectic schedule, I regret not putting y'all on to this project sooner.

Visuals are handled by Kelly Hite and features the duo in dark hallways with flickering lights yet totally "lit", lol. But I love this minimal approach to the visuals because it doesn't take away from how ill this song is.

But besides this video, y'all really need to get into Just Because! EP has 5 very different tracks which show how  PA Lit and KABY can pretty much kill anything thrown at them. I freakin' love Tea Time at the Apollo! But yeah, just do yourself an ill favor and check out Just Because! It's sooo necessary! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Experience: Childish Gambino's Deep Web Tour + Raury's Anti Tour.

On April 3rd here in Atlanta, it was a beautiful day. It was sunny, warm, mostly clear skies-perfect weather for an outdoor concert. So when Childish Gambino stopped by his hometown of Atlanta for his Deep Web tour, it was as if the stars were aligned. Not only was the weather great but the show was sold out. Gambino got 4,000 (estimated) people to The Masquerade's Music Park for his one-man-festival like show.

When I first heard about this tour, I really wanted to go because its Childish Gambino, who I love, and it's for his new album which I love as well. But when I saw that ticket price, it wasn't happening. It was $35. Which is a little above average what I usually pay to see a show. I will usually pay around $10 to $25 (plus tax) to see a show in Atlanta. That's if I even pay at all. But $35... for one act? He had no openers or even listed "special guests". Just Childish Gambino. Bruh, I went to A3C before for $35. So I didn't buy the ticket. I'm a graduating college student, the money is too tight to not get great value out of anything I purchase.

Even though I didn't have a ticket to the ATL Deep Web Tour show, I somehow found myself on April 3rd, in my car across the Masquerade hearing what appeared to be his sound check. And in that moment, I wished I had bought a ticket. But I was actually in my car waiting for something else. Something that was more of an "once in a lifetime" type event.

Forbidden Fruit.

Enter another dimension of your heart as you're guided by the soulful sounds of Zyah Belle, with her latest single, Forbidden Fruit. It's off her latest EP, Cigars and Amaretto. Visuals handled by Natho of OGMedia.

When I saw the black room and neon paint, I was a little turned off cause I've seen this approach to being "different" too many times before. But when I pressed play, I was instantly reminded of the soulfulness and smoothness of my favs Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. The video does nothing for me but I truly enjoy this song. And there is no denying Zyah's talent.

Listening to Cigars and Amaretto, it's clear that she has some pretty good records on her. I'm not the biggest R&B head, but probably could listen to Zyah all day—and that says a lot.

Get in touch with your soul in a psychedelic way with Zyah Belle's Forbidden Fruit.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High Noon Vol. 3.

Working hard? Feeling stressed out? Sit back and enjoy this latest mix by Atlanta's own, Genesis, titled High Noon Vol. 3! This is the final installment of this mix series by the DJ and when I say it hits the spot for some relaxation-it hits the muthafuckin' spot! Mix includes soothing sounds from Washed Out, Quardon, Beck, Pharrell, and more.

Mixes are the best way to put together a collection of songs, especially when the DJ or producer knows what they're doing. And Genesis is probably my favorite DJ out right now. His selection of songs always blows my mind-his name should be Genius. He's the best.

So get some tea, turn the volume up and enjoy a High Noon with Genesis. And who cares if your co-workers complain, give them a cup of tea too.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

WeAreDope: Henry Stuart x SZA "Warm Winds" Remix

It's backkk! Yes, welcome to the return of the series, the movement, your life- WeAreDope! I know you missed it and needed it back, so here it is!

For the return of the series, I'm hitting you with an exclusive from an amazing talent based out of Philly by the name of Henry Stuart. Originally from Minneapolis, this producer/EDM artist has been working with up and coming artists, including his group Midnight Society, but he is now showcasing his work on its own. 

Henry and I have developed a dope relationship and respect for each other's work over time. So with him knowing about how I'm not exactly a fan of Top Dawg's SZA, he hit me with a remix of her latest single, Warm Winds. What a friend. Lol-No, but really! He somehow managed to get me to fuck with a SZA song.

I'm not gonna review this remix because with WeAreDope presenting it, obviously, I fucks with it. But I had to present it, and prop it up on a pedestal. He literally changed the direction of where these Warm Winds blow. Henry Stuart is one to watch and after you listen to this remix, you will agree. 

I present to you...

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WeAreDope is back, and it feels so damn good...
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