Event: Paper Frank's Blossom Exhibition Opening.

Visual artist, Paper Frank plans to shut the city of Atlanta down once again with the opening of his latest exhibition, Blossom! The exhibit will include 2D and 3D works from Frank and will be on display at Dashboard Co-op. The opening is one of three events that will be centered around this new exhibition. See flyer below for full details. 
When Paper Frank had the opening for his Pink Lemonade exhibition back in 2013, it literally felt like the whole city of Atlanta came out to support him. It was so packed that some people didn't even get to see the art but were just happy to be present. Check out my review on that event, here!

I'm thoroughly excited about this opening. Paper Frank is a favorite of mine and I will show up to anything he does whenever I can. See y'all on North Ave this Saturday!!!

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Why Tidal is Not the Wave.

Before we even get into it, this post is solely based on my opinion and reflection on the research I have done. If there is anything that I present as fact and you know to be incorrect, please comment below and link me to your sources. But do not come for me on my opinion and say I'm wrong. I think we are all grown enough to have healthy debates. Now to this Tidal stuff.

If you were online yesterday, you were probably bombarded by photos and tweets about the relaunch of a streaming service called Tidal (formerly known as WiMP). It was recently purchased by Jay Z and he did something major with the ownership of the service. Hov gifted 16 artists 3% stake each in the company making Tidal the first artist owned streaming service. Artist owners of Tidal include Madonna, Chris Martin (of Coldplay), Beyonce, J.Cole, Rihanna, Usher, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, and some others- google it. Collectively, they own 48% of the company. The other 52% is owned by Jay Z, some record labels, and another investor.

Tidal is being marketed as a "revolution" of... I don't really know. The artists owners are like "It's gonna change everything!", "This will put art back in the forefront!"-it's streaming service, chill. So what makes Tidal different or superior to other streaming services like everyone's favorite, Spotify? They offer something called HiFi. Hi fidelity is basically CD quality audio because the tracks are not compressed. Most music you hear on streaming services or even download is compressed so that it is easier to playback/listen to and doesn't take up a shitload of space on your devices. Hifi is suppose to make the music so crisp and clear that it feels like the artist is putting on a live performance right in front of you, just for you-how sweet!...eh.


Event: Let Them Eat Fashion Show.

Atlanta! This Sunday, March 29th, an amazing, unique show is happening called Let Them Eat Fashion! It's an interactive fashion experience with amazing food and musical performances from some of ATL's hottest artists. It will be hosted by internet favorites Brittany Sky, Ashley Outrageous, Nadirah Aliyah and B Dot A Dot! DJ Daghe and DJ Speakerfoxxx will be on the 1's and 2's for the night.

Here's the official event description:
This Sunday Atlanta based production studio, First Taste ATL, will host a Victorian themed fashion show "Let Them Eat Fashion Show." It will be an interactive, fashion-forward event that entices the two most powerful human senses; taste and sight. Culinary elements will be provided by celebrity Chef Mike Boska and culinarian, Brianna Riddock; alongside a mosaic of fashion provided by Cupcake Mafia, Threaded Culture, Fresh 2 Def, and more.

I will be there, so I hope to see you there too!

For tickets and VIP specials, check out: ltefshow.splashthat.com
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Fresh from finishing his US tour, JMSN, gives us the visuals for his song, Price! Price is off his latest self-titled album aka the Blue Album. The Kane Chattey directed visuals continue the theme of VHS visuals JMSN has been doing throughout the roll out of this album and it has been so dope.

JMSN is so awesome because he makes some of the most beautiful and deep music and then does like parodies for the videos. He must be so fun to hang out with. But I was laughing throughout the video, he's a mess. Watch it and enjoy!

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The one and only J.Cole has given us the visuals for his song, G.O.M.D., off his latest album 2014 Forest Hills Drive! The Lawrence Lamont directed video depicts a slave rebellion orchestrated by Cole on a small plantation. This was one of my favorite songs off the album and I would never guess that a slave rebellion would be the concept for its video. But well done, Cole... well done.

I also have to mention that there is a lot of accuracy with imagery and wardrobe in the video, so kudos to whoever handled that. How would I know this? It's not a long story, but it's a story for another day.

Anywho, Cole just finsihed taking SXSW by storm and will continue to be on the road for most of the year. For more info on that, google. It's J.Cole, y'all. Don't act brand new.

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YouTube Music Awards.

The YouTube Music Awards are back! The innovative award show went live yesterday and is completely different from the first show they did back in 2013.

They took a hiatus last year to rethink their award show process. The new YTMAs is a very stripped down version of an award ceremony but actually fits what YouTube is a bit more.

Quick overview, they honored artists who had great videos and an amazing number of views and basically gave them a shout out. The other half of the show, which is more innovative, is where they selected some of those "winners" and paired them with directors to create all new videos. That concept is similar to the YTMAs 2013 BUT the videos in the last show were done completely live whereas this year, the new videos are just premiered with the launch of the show.

I really, really liked the first YTMAs! It was dope, creative, and it brought a new life to award shows. This year's show, wasn't a show at all. I was literally just watching a playlist of new videos. Bruh. I hope that YT can some how fuse the two concepts of the past two award shows and come up with something that is not only amazing but that can stand the test of time in this new day and age. I mean let's be honest, award shows suck nowadays, we need some fresh air. Even with this playlist of a show, YTMAs shit on the VMAs.

But I will say some amazing videos came out of this year's "show", so you should definitely check it out! I love how the internet and technology is shaping the creative world, it's so beautiful! Enjoy the show, y'all!

If you're too lazy or ain't got the time to watch the whole playlist (seriously, it's a playlist), after the cut I put some of my favorite videos from the show. So click "Read More" to view them!


Music Festivals We Should Go To in 2015.

If you follow me on my social media profiles, you are aware that I did not attend SXSW this year and I was whining about it. In reality, I still could have went but I didn't and it was for many good reasons. But still, I was bitchy about it.

I still have festival fever and with this being the first year that I am out of school (since like preschool-seriously), I want to travel. What better excuse is there to travel than a dope music festival! So for both our benefit, I put this list together of festivals all over the country (and Canada) that we can go to because... just because.

This list might be a bit bias because I picked out festivals that seemed interesting to me and I think the people who check out my blog would appreciate. Google is always there to discover more festivals but hopefully this list is a good start for you!

Let's see where we should go in 2015!


I don't know how many of you are Dolly Parton fans but if you're not, this edit of one of her popular songs, Jolene by Norwegian producer, Kygo might change that. I actually came across this edit while checking out another edit of his and just fell in love with it.

My mom listen to some country music when I was younger and my sister would torture me by singing Dolly Parton songs but I think this remix has official made me truly appreciate the country legend. Start your week off right and enjoy Dolly's plea to Jolene.

Here is the other dope edit by Kygo which is of a cover of MGMT's hit, Electric Feel by Henry Green!

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I know we are all still bumping that new Drake project and have our favorites off of it. But take a break from originals and check out this edit from producer & WeAreDope alum, Henry Stuart of Drake's Madonna. Stuart chops and smooths the song out on some zoned out production and brings new life to the track. Henry Stuart flips songs in such interesting and dope ways and this edit is no different.

The Philly based producer has been putting in work this year so far and has a lot on the way. So catch up with him by checking out his 2015 playlist!

Love this guy, he's just so awesome.

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...Don't judge me. Yes, I am posting the latest video from Taylor Swift because this shit is fye! It's for her song, Style, which is off her album, 1989, which you all loved- so don't flex. Ever since this chick went pop, I've been really into her music and I feel weird about it because I made such an effort not to mess with her bubblegum, girl-next-door, American sweetheart persona. But hey, she's making dopeshit, and I can't be mad at it.

This video is really cool. Simple as hell but still holds your attention. I fucks with it. See what happens when I have an email inbox full of mediocre music, I resort to the land of Mainstream. This is y'all fault. Lol

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Quickie: Two-9's B4FRVR.

And I'm back with another Quickie! And this one will truly be quick. It'll lowkey feel like a shout out rather than some in depth analysis of a mixtape. We can take it there, but we will not.

Come across the latest mixtape from Atlanta collective Two-9 titled B4FRVR (Before Forever, for you slow pokes). Two-9 is wildly popular here in the city and their presence is becoming more and more solid around the country thanks to some awesome touring.

I am fan of Two-9's music for the most part but for some reason, I usually am not moved by their collective mixtapes. I would have skipped over listening to this but then I watched the video for World Go Crazy (see below) and was like, "...Alright, alright! I'll listen to the project!"

My main response to this mixtape is that all members of Two-9 have stepped it the fuck up! ALL of them! Apparently being with Ear Drummers and having Mike Will as boss has brought something out of these guys. Hooks, verses, energy-sooooo much better than before. The evolution as individual artists and as a group is amazing.

And production from Mike Will, Metro Boomin, Backpack and of course frequent Two-9 collaborator, Snubnose Frankenstein, enhanced the artistic improvement of Two-9 on this project. Only song they kind of lost me at was Never See Me Again?, possibly a little too much in a direction I couldn't really follow.

Overall, if you need some bomb ass music to rock with right now, let Two-9 provide that for you.


Two-9's World Go Crazy Video

*this video has such a simple concept but was so creatively executed-love it!

Listen: Two-9's B4FRVR on LiveMixtapes.com
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As Seen On the Web: 10 Ways to Fund Your Music Career.

I know there are many music artists who read my blog not only to see if I write about them but simply because they like to discover new dopeness too. So I decided that when I see a post that may help you awesome artists at being successful in life, I'll put you on game.

Marissa G. Muller of The Fader asked some successful artists how they fund their careers and I think they gave some pretty darn good tips. Word to the Fader.

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So Emotional.

Ever been down and out and someone suggested to you to just play your favorite music and dance it off? Well try doing it to ForteBowie's latest single, So Emotional, off his forthcoming EP, Passion & Confusion! As Forte goes through his thoughts and feelings about his girl, he somehow manages to turn up and dance through it all. Isn't that how it should be anyways?

The Freeze Frame Media directed visuals are simple yet intriguing and make old and new fans fall in love with Forte for the first or 100th time.

In addition to this new visual, the Atlanta bred artist has declared this month, #FebruaryForte. So much for Black History Month-I kid, I kid. Every week this month,  Forte will be dropping new music for us to collect like Pokemon cards. Check out Week 1 below!

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Tha Kool Kids.

Just when you thought some of your favorite dance crazes couldn't get any better, Toronto based 2D animator, Shaz Lym recreates them with his animated series, Tha Kool Kids. This has to be the cutest and dopest animation I've seen in a while. Lym has more on his tumblr, including a kid doing the Shmoney dance, hat throw and all. I love this and can't wait to see more!

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0 to 9000.

Producer duo, Two Fresh linked up a while back with ForteBowie and made some gems together. Their collaborative production, 0 to 9000, is our first taste of their work. This track is literally the perfect blend of their styles and it will get you as hype as a strong ass cup of coffee. Love this!

Look out for more music coming Two Fresh and ForteBowie, separately and collective!

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