Tha Kool Kids.

Just when you thought some of your favorite dance crazes couldn't get any better, Toronto based 2D animator, Shaz Lym recreates them with his animated series, Tha Kool Kids. This has to be the cutest and dopest animation I've seen in a while. Lym has more on his tumblr, including a kid doing the Shmoney dance, hat throw and all. I love this and can't wait to see more!

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0 to 9000.

Producer duo, Two Fresh linked up a while back with ForteBowie and made some gems together. Their collaborative production, 0 to 9000, is our first taste of their work. This track is literally the perfect blend of their styles and it will get you as hype as a strong ass cup of coffee. Love this!

Look out for more music coming Two Fresh and ForteBowie, separately and collective!

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Review: The Interview.

Okay, I didn't get to caught up in the chaos of what was going with this movie as far as the release and being banned in theaters and all that jazz. This movie caused a big stir prior to its release. Sony was wildin' out, North Korea and the US were tossing the blame for the mess at Sony at each other-you can google this and read all about it. All I know is that my BFF aka Netflix is streaming it.

Yup, I'm talking about The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. Pineapple Express dudes? Pineapple Express dudes. Besides the controversial plot of the movie, this movie is really not that serious.


Ads are on SoundCloud and you shouldn't be mad.

Now, I don't know if you all use SoundCloud as much as I do but if you do, a recent listening session of yours may have been interrupted by one of the worst things ever-an advertisment!!!!

Yup, I know. It feels like our safe haven for free, continuous music streaming has been tainted. When I first got hit with an ad, I was pissed! But when you actually read why the ads are there, you really can't be too mad.

It's for the artists. Yeah, the people who create, upload, and let their music be played for free in the first place-them. This is how SoundCloud will be paying artists whose music is streaming. Similar to Spotify. Now I don't know if there will be a paid subscriber option for listeners who want ad-free streaming but all of this is new, so we'll see. And I've only encountered the ads when I am streaming music on an artists' profile page.

So far the ads are only 10 seconds long, so lets hope they don't start acting like YouTube with 20 minute episodes of shows as an ad. Whether we like it or not, artists do deserve something for creating the music we live our lives too. So let's not turn up on SoundCloud and their ads-yet.
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Aye man, I am determined to make y'all dance with some of the music I've been posting lately. With that said, here's the latest visual from English trio, Years & Years for their song King. This song is BOMB and guaranteed to get you jammin-yes, I said the word jammin'.

Olly Alexander's voice and over all smooth and mysterious vibe is so dope and the production is just so moving. I think I literally just found a new favorite band of mine. This is GOOD music, y'all. Get into this talent, get into this vibe. You are all so freakin' welcome! Hot damn, I love this.

And oh, this video fye too. Love it.

King will be available on iTunes 3.1.15!!!

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Spotless Mind.

Shame on me for changing... Shame on you for staying the same. 

If Jhene Aiko doesn't make the realest relationship music out right now, I don't know who does. She gives us the visuals for her song, Spotless Mind off her latest album, Souled Out. I feel this song and video represent such a common occurrence in relationships. The moment when you just outgrown and evolve at a faster pace than that of your significant other. It sucks but it's life.

The video is super cute and super real. Well directed too. By the way, Souled Out is the most solid project I have heard from Miss Aiko in like-I mean ever. Her best work ever. So definitely check it out if you haven't already.

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How About Now.

Ever listen to some Drake and think,"Damn, I like Drake but he really is so emotional. Like I want to listen to him but I really want to dance too!" No worries, Philly's own Swizzymack got you with his Philly Club remix of Drake's How About Now

This remix made me like the song even more. Actually, I don't even bother listening to the original anymore. Swizzymack has some real heat on his Soundcloud page, so definitely check that out and try not to work up a sweat!

Drake, dance a little.

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Ever needed the perfect song to start of your weekend activities? Well try out this new song by SNAKEHIPS featuring Syd (of The Internet) titled Gone. This song is the perfect vibe to get dressed, get in the car, and drive off to a good time. I don't go out much but when I do, I want the atmosphere to feel like this. And y'all know I just love Syd and her voice-which is literally gets better over time like wine! She's everything.

So get your girls, call up your boys, and enjoy the weekend!

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It G Ma.

Have y'all heard about this South Korean rapper named Keith Ape? If so, why didn't you put me on game? And if not, well time to get familiar. Apparently Keith Ape is a part of a group called The Cohorts and they are like rising underground rap stars in the East. Like the Asian A$AP Mob.

Well Keith Ape does what many up and coming rappers do, hop on industry beats and aim to make it their own-except Keith Ape actually does make it his own. Yes, he has heavily borrowed the styles of Yung Lean and OG Maco, but damn, if imitation is a form of flattery, he is paying them so much homage right now.  By the way, they are speaking Korean like 90% of the time and I can still tell they are going in! And I don't speak a lick of Korean!

This just shows you the power of music and if it speaks to your body and you're vibing, it's magical. Now his remix to Bobby Shmurda's Hot Nigga (which he titled Hot Ninja) was cool but this take on OG Maco's U Guessed It is fuckin' amazing. DJs in the US need to play this. I want to go to the club and these hip hop shows and hear DJs play this. If I had the power to make it mandatory-I would. This is so hard, bruh.

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My Garden.

Kat Dahlia delivers the visuals for her song, My Garden off his debut album of the same name. She is literally in her own version of a garden in the video and is accompanied by a snake who she seems to be extremely comfortable with-go Kat!

I feel like I heard of Kat Dahlia before but she was mad pop-like and I was not intrigued but something tells me I may be confusing her with some other singer from Miami. Unless Kat went through a complete transformation and became amazingly 1000x doper.

Either way, I like this chick. Her voice and vibe is like a cross between Nelly Furtado and Alanis Morissette. It's melodic and rough. And I think I really like her because it doesn't feel forced or manufactured. I love how she borrows melodies from other songs and makes it her own. For example in My Garden, she borrows the melody of Barrington Levy's adlibs on Shyne's Bad Boyz. I bet you young ones didn't catch that. Lol And in her other single, Gangsta, she borrows from 50 Cent's Wanksta.

She's dope, I can't even front. Listened to some of her album and I mess with it. So check her out and enjoy!

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The What's Underneath Project: Melanie Gaydos.

Came across this really awesome series by StyleLikeU titled The What's Underneath Project. They interview individuals in the fashion industry and ask them to remove their clothing to "honor how style is not the clothes you wear."

The first episode I saw was with high fashion model, Melanie Gaydos. In a raw and honest manner, she talks about her struggles in the fashion industry and in life. Even with her getting emotional in the interview, I saw a lot of strength in her and I admire her for that. And plus, she seems like a pretty cool ass chick to hang out with. Also, her modeling work is BOMB! Google her.

For more of The What's Underneath Project, check out: 

Word to StyleLikeU for creating executing such a necessary series. Love it.
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Need a Moment.

ADAM! Yes, Essi fav, Adam Reverie is back at it with a new visual for his song, Need a Moment! It's off his last project, Father Son Brother Friend. This song is very much a moment for Adam to just get some things off his chest and talk his shit. FSBF dropped a while ago and I remember really liking it-so now I need to go back to get familiar with it again.

For those who may not know anything about Adam Reverie-just do your research and check him out. Very passioniate and focused artist and very humble being. He has a lot to offer this world and I'm excited for this "comeback" of his. I feel like an old friend is back in town. This is good, this is awesome. Take a moment and press play.

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Fuji Garbage.

Miss me? Trying to find me? You can always find me on the other side of thegirltheycallEs on my tumblr, Fuji Garbage. See what catches my eyes, mind, and soul. And also what cracks me up. See you on tumblr, fool!

p.s. If your tumblr fye, message me and let me know. I might follow you.

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Somewhere in America.

In recent times, more and more young people are speaking up about issues throughout the world and in our own backyards. Whether it's through music, social media, or art, we are relentlessly bringing attention to issues in hopes of getting closer to a solution.

Poets Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen performed their piece, Somewhere in America on the Queen Latifah show. This piece is nothing but the truth and their delivery will give you chills. I found myself tearing up because I could relate to some of the things said when I reflect on my own childhood and even moments of my early adulthood. These everyday experiences they speak of in this piece need to be talked about in order to get rid of them and improve the education system and life in general for young people. This performance is more important than you know.

Belissa, Rhiannon, and Zariya are part of Get Lit, which is a foundation based in LA that aims to increase teen literacy through classic and spoken word poetry. To learn more about this foundation, visit getlit.org!
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Hey there. Been a long time, huh? Yeah, I know I ain't shit. It's all good though. Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!-How's 2015 treating you so far? Good? Good. Well enough of the fluff, let's get serious.

I'm in a transitional mode right now in all aspects of my life, including this blog thing. I got real sick of just listening to music, reviewing it, and posting it. I know y'all like that stuff but I like variety. Since I started this blog in '08 (Yes, I've been here for a minute), I always try to find ways to differentiate myself from other blogs/bloggers and present content in a dope, refreshing way. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. But I've learned from each attempt.

With that said, I'm gonna attempt to do something that I did way back in the day-vlog. Bruh, I was vlogging before it was really even a thing. Before you could make money off it. Before it could change your life! So I'm older now, my life is bit more interesting, and I have A LOT to say. 

What does this mean for my good ol' blogging? It's still going to happen. Not everything needs a video for it. I don't need to do a video on a song I like or a dope brand I discovered (unless they send me some products! *winks*). So this blog will still be alive and well. The blog will also serve as a place for any and everyone to talk their shit too. So start to make the comment section your home. Your comments are your rent-so pay up!

My subject matter for both my vlogs and blog will expand. I will aim to talk about all things culture, not just music. Anything interesting or anything I feel like you need to be aware of-I'll share it with you. Also, you will get to know me a little better to. I've noticed people have very different perceptions of me-which is cool, but if I can show you what I'm about, then I will do so.

I don't like hearing myself talk. I like conversations. I want to hear your stories and opinions and I feel like through vlogging and my continuation of blogging, that can happen. So with that said, the "they" in "thegirltheycallEs" is just as important as the "Es" in it. 

This blog is not just mine. It's ours. 2015 is gonna be great y'all. Get excited.

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