Night Cap.

We all know there is nothing innocent about a text that reads,"We can watch Netflix and chill." And Florida based emcee, Alec Burnright will agree as he can perfectly describes the true intentions in that text with his song, Night Cap.

This song is like a movie and each verse is a new scene. The production has a vibe that I'm not hearing a lot these days but I really like it and it caught my attention immediately. If you tryna get a little sumthin', sumthin' tonight, just send your boo thang a link to this song. Thank Alec later.

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Still Chiefy.

Michigan's own, Gueringer the 13th reminds us of his chiefy ways with his latest release, Still Chiefy! This is release is part of his #TribedayFriday series where the people get a new song from him every Friday. This is leading up to his anticipated album, Clifford.

If you have been reading my blog for like the past two years, you should be familiar with Gueringer and his work and like I always say about him and other emcees, the evolution of his artistry is amazing. With this weekly series, Gueringer is spitting straight heat for us. His lyrical content and style is like on 10 right now. And he always give us his signature energy which is one of the main reasons why I'm a fan of his.

Check out his soundcloud and listen to the previous #TribedayFriday releases. Gueringer is about to give you a soundtrack to your summer, get ready!

Last week's release (and my favorite so far), Summers Mine!
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When Everybody Else Isn't.

Running low on some motivation lately? Let Cali emcee, Jetpack Jones help you out with his latest visual, When Everybody Else Isn't. The song is produced by Emune and Deadxbeat. Visuals directed by Andre Maliiik. From the lyrics, the production, and even the video, this was all well done. Easy going, yet energizing track to start your week off with. Press play and grind on!

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Better In the Morning.

A while back, I had the most random thought. And it was," What happened to Little Boots?". Well, Little Boots recently announced a new forthcoming album titled Working Girl and released her first single, Better In the Morning! This is a great song for a case of the Mondays. The song has a cheery and easy vibe to it. This song is the cream to your coffee, so drink up and enjoy!

Little Boots will be on tour this summer in the US! See flyer for dates!

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Nah.. Forreal... EXACTLY.

"That nigga Money Makin' Nique, aight!" Yessss we have new music from West Atlanta's finest, Money Makin' Nique! Nah... Forreal... EXACTLY is Nique's take on Drake's 10 Bands. I mean it only makes sense he gets on 10 Bands, am I right?!

This freestyle serves as a taste of what's to come with Nique next body of work titled Bimmer Candidate. And for those of you who are late when it comes to the greatness of an emcee we refer to as Money Makin' Nique, google him and catch up before he drops this project. Don't ask questions, just go and do it. Press play and enjoy!

Sidenote, the artwork cracks me up. Wild!

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Festival Alert: FYF Fest.

Okay everyone, we have a new festival to possibly attend this year! Hopefully you got a chance to check out my main festival post, Music Festivals We Should Go to in 2015, and saw that exciting list! So we have a really dope one to add to our list called the FYF Fest! It's all happening August 22 & 23 in LA.  This festival seems to be more so on the indie, neo soul, and electronic vibe which is nice to see. I mean they have Frank Ocean, whose album is due to be out in July, as a headliner-this festival is going to be bomb. Some of favs of mine like Chet Faker, Kaytranada, Shlohmo, FKA Twigs, and others will be performing too. This is lineup is fye, y'all. So check it out and let me know if you plan on going!
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Too Young.

White Iverson himself, Post Malone has dropped a new hymn for the young and wild titled Too Young! When I first heard Post Malone's White Iverson, I was hooked. I actually admitted on Twitter that I listen to the song way too much. But naturally when an artist has a really dope and/or hot song, you think that's where it ends for them. It wouldn't be likely that they would  drop anything as good as their hit-but that is not the case for Malone.

Too Young is a song I think people can not only rock with but truly relate to. There's something really honest and vulnerable about Malone and this song really expresses that. And this dude's flow is crazy! Like we're all use to the sing-y rap almost everyone and their momma is doing but Malone really be going in. I really like this dude and I hope he continues to keep giving the people some really dope music to rock with.

And I swear he makes music for girls who twerk and strip in the comfort of their own bedrooms.

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Who Got It.

New music from Lashaun Ellis titled Who Got It! I had the pleasure of seeing him live two years ago at SXSW and listened to his music then and truly enjoyed it. Today, I was just letting SoundCloud play and do its thing and this song started playing.

Bruh, I just started jigging-didn't even bother to click to my SoundCloud to see the artist or title of the song. Man, this song goessss!

I know, it's Monday but just play Who Got It and Lashaun will make you feel like it's Friday. Enjoy!

Check out his latest project, Never Home on iTunes!

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After being a hit at the Sundance Film Festival, the trailer for the highly anticipated movie, DOPE, is here! The film stars Shameik Moore as Malcolm, a modern day geek who's trying find his way and himself while in high school. Another notable appearances in the movie are A$AP Rocky, Chanel Iman, Zoe Kravitz, Blake Anderson, amongst others. DOPE is executive produced by music heavyweights Pharrell and Sean "Diddy" Combs and also features brand new music from Pharrell.

Here's the synopsis of DOPE:
 The hit movie out of the Sundance Film Festival, DOPE tells the story of Malcolm (Shameik Moore) who is carefully surviving life in a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles. A chance invitation to an underground party leads him into an adventure that could allow him to go from being a geek, to being dope, to ultimately being himself. Directed by Rick Famuyiwa, Produced by Forest Whitaker, Executive Produced by Pharrell Williams and Co-Executive Produced by Sean Combs.

This movie seems... cool. I like the look and feel of it from the movie and it doesn't feel like they are trying too hard to make this movie relatable and "trendy". I'm not overly excited about this but I am pretty intrigued. And I'm interested in how the story in the film will play out.

Check out the trailer, check out YouAreDope.com (the movie's Tumblr), and be sure to check it out in theaters on 6.19.15!
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The Experience: Paper Frank's Blossom Exhibit Opening.

He did it again, y'all. PAPER FRANK SHUT THE CITY DOWN AGAIN! It all happened on April 4th when Paper Frank had his largest art show, Blossom, at DashBoard Co-op in Midtown Atlanta. The exhibit features 2D and 3D works from the one of Atlanta's favorite visual artists.

Blossom really showcased some of the dopest work I've seen from Frank. This exhibit seemed to tap more into who Frank is and his world compared to his last show, Pink Lemonade. Going through the exhibit, I felt like I was walking through his reality and imagination. It was really dope to see his style translated into a 3D manner. From huge sculptures to gold necklaces, Frank's aesthetic is very versatile. What I love most about Paper Frank's work is the dichotomy of it. There are definitely dark tones to his work yet the bright, bold colors and animation style keeps it light-hearted in a sense.
Now when people said to show up to the show early, I didn't think it would be that crazy cause it was on North Ave and there's like no way it would be crazy packed-boy, was I wrong. I literally showed up on time with my brother, ForteBowie, and Dashboard was already packed! Plus, there was a line growing its way down the block. 

And I don't know what it is about Paper Frank but he can literally bring people out of their caves. People won't show up for parties, concerts, but if Paper Frank is doing something, you will see people there. It was obvious that some individuals where only there to be seen or to see those who wanted to be seen but there were plenty of individuals who were there to see the art itself. And having people like that there shows the true success of this event. 
All in all, another exciting and successful exhibit from Atlanta's Mayor of the Arts, Paper Frank. Yes I gave him that title, he fucking deserves it. It is said that most of the works on display are sold, so that it awesome. This man deserves all the blessings he has been receiving because he is not only putting on for the city of Atlanta in a special way but he truly brings this city together, even if it's only for a few hours, it's still meaningful. 

 The exhibit is still up at Dashboard and is open for viewing on Wednesdays and Fridays, or by appointment. Not sure how long it will be up for, so go see it now while you can!

More photos from the show will be up on EtherVisions soon, so follow me on there!

For more info, check out: http://www.dashboardcoop.org

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Sea Rich.

One of CT's finest, CRSLYRC (formerly spelled Criss Lyric), dropped a new wave for the people titled Sea Rich! It's produced bu frequent collaborator, Zvlu. Bruh, as soon as I pressed play, I was hooked!

The groove, CRS' melody on the hook, the lyrics-bruh, my nigga snapped! I literally have this on repeat because it's just that ill. I've been telling y'all about this man for years-wake up!!! Grab a surfboard because the wave is real with Sea Rich. Enjoy!

Please tell me this means a new project is on the way... PLEASE!

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Pontiac, MI artist and producer, T Deezy wants it to be known that he has the Juice! The song is produced by Chicago producer Loud Lord and really appeals to the Atlanta in me. I love the bounce in it and I can totally see me fucking up my speakers as I ride around the city to this.

T Deezy has quite the following but I'm sure he has room for you to be a fan too. Check out his project, Swisher King, for some dope shit to vibe to. I'm excited to see what else he has up his sleeve. Press play and see if you might possibly have the Juice too!

Watch: Juice (Official Video)

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Fucking Young.

Tyler is back! Yesterday was a big day for Tyler, the Creator with the release of his new venture, GOLF Media. GOLF Media is a magazine and a mobile app that Tyler describes as, "basically my brain in one place." You can subscribe to the magazine and get the app now!

On the app, Tyler released his new video, Fucking Young! It's off his forthcoming album, Cherry Bomb. Tyler continues to let us experience his emotions and enter his wild imagination with this video. There's a lot going on but it's so dope and beautifully done, you just go along with it.

The song itself is interesting. He is literally telling a girl that she is too young for him. You don't hear this being talked about in music too often. Men/boys usually don't see an issue with it, so it's interesting that out of all people, it's Tyler talking about it. The song is really dynamic as well. It feels like you're on a rollercoaster listening to it-but rollercoasters are fun! And I can totally hear Charlie Wilson (who I love!) throughout this song. Thought I heard Pharrell too.

And that bit of song we got at the end of the video is so N.E.R.D... In Search Of era. Which makes sense because he literally says that album in the song. But as soon as it started, N.E.R.D popped up in my head. And I think it's cool. It's N.E.R.D. but Tyler, the Creator style.

I could go on for days about Tyler and OF as a whole. Been a fan since '09, so I'm down with whatever they do musically. I'm excited for this new album. Tyler is older, has been able to marinate in success a bit, the music will be interesting.

To subscribe to GOLF Media, visit: subscribe.golfwang.com

Cherry Bomb drops 4.13.15!

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Heavy Shoulders.

This song by LA based synth-pop artist, TRACE, titled Heavy Shoulders perfectly describe my life right now. It's the only song of hers out right now but I have been bumping this since it came out. It's like a smooth, creamy mug of some bomb coffee. Her voice is just glides over the production so effortlessly. I love this song and it was necessary for me to share this. Check it out and enjoy!

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The trailer for the anticipated documentary about late British singer/songwriter, Amy Winehouse, titled Amy. The film is directed by Asif Kapadia. Trailer features dialogue from Winehouse about being a singer and writing songs true to herself, as well as how she would deal with being famous. Very chilling trailer. I think this documentary will be a must see.

Documentary is set to be released July 3, 2015 in the UK. Not sure of showings here in the states. 
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