Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Without ripping his shirt and grinding on the floor in a sexual manner, OnCue taps into his R&B side with his latest release, Closer. You can consider this his take on BANKS' latest single, Brain. It includes additional production from ARW.  Brain is dope but I love what Cuey did with it. 

Anyone aware of OnCue knows that he can sing, but usually it's on a more indie rock tip. I like this vibe on Cuey, he pulls it off well. And you really have to give it up to artists that experiment with their sound, whether it comes out dope or horrible. So Cuey, I see you! Keep the evolution of your artistry going! To everyone else, check this out, it's good and R&B performance drama free. That ripping shirt shit is not appealing to me... at all.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Comfort Inn Ending.

Jhene Aiko shows us the beauty in heartbreak and revenge in the visuals for her freestyle, Comfort Inn Ending. Keyed cars and burned Js is what you will be left with messing around with Jhene's heart.

I've loved this song since she first slapped it on her Soundcloud page. It's raw, deep, and just real as hell. I'm glad Jhene made sure the video stayed true to the emotions of the song. But the fact that she even did a video for it took me by surprise. But it's a lovely surprise though. Press play and watch Jhene go HAM! Lol, enjoy.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sounds of Sampha.

It's Sunday. And Sundays always have us feeling some type of way. Maybe you're recovering from a crazy Saturday night or trying to get that last bit of peace before a hectic Monday, but Sunday is that good ol' midpoint for you. For me, Sunday is Moi Day. I take this time to either sleep til 3pm, bake brownies, watch Almost Famous three times in a row, or simply lay in my bed and think of all the epic shit I'll do in life.

On this Sunday, I decided to edit some photos, sip some orange soda, and listen to the wonderful sounds provided by UK's own, Sampha. Maybe it's his voice... maybe it's the lyrics, but I just really feel this guy's music. It's moving and reflective and it just seems like the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday. Songs like Beneath the Tree and Sbtrkt's Something Goes Right get you dancing like a ray of sunshine was injected into your veins. Then Indecision and Too Much really have you thinking about your feelings, others in your life, and just life in general, but in a peaceful and stress free way.

This playlist I created on Spotify is just really hitting the spot for me today and I thought maybe I could share this awesome feeling with you. Make sure you drop some orange soda too. Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Experience: SXSW 2014.

Little over a month ago, legends, tastemakers, creatives, weirdos, and dreamers migrated to Austin, Tx for the annual SXSW festival. The crazier portion of the festival is always the last week, Music week. And this year, SXSW wanted to make it bigger than ever-which turned out to be good and kinda bad. This was my second year attending the festival and after that trip, one would think I would make it my last-but fuck that.

So I was out there with the team, 1990 and we had some other people with us since one of Forte's managers, Worldwide Ty partnered up with Hallway of to do an official stage called The Sleepover. And plus, ForteBowie had two stages to do and lots of networking, so I was out there for valid reasons. And as always wherever I go, I try to make the most of it and take it all in. But if you were in Austin during this time, whether you're a local or there for the fest, you really had no choice BUT to take it all in. And then some.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Persuade My Mind.

So you know how on SoundCloud you'll play one song and once that song is over, they play "Related" songs after? That's exactly how I found this gem from Cleveland artist, Queen Chella titled Persuade My Mind. This song is 10 months old, which doesn't matter really because dopeness doesn't expire but the fact I discovered recently is kinda wild. And dope.

Queen Chella has this "homegirl who just so happens to be talented as fuck" vibe about her. Although she only has three tracks on her SoundCloud, I sense this chillness in her personality and also her wisdom. Her voice is so smooth and easy going. And her rapping feels like she's giving you reality check with a splash of humor. But I just love the arrangement and honesty of this record and it magically become very relevant to my life right now.

Hopefully the dope gods can persuade Queen Chella to give us more gems soon but until then, let's bow our heads and vibe out to her dopeness! Enjoy!

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Do I Wanna Know.

As I was on my daily browse on the www for some dope music to check out, I stumbled on this video of MS MR covering Arctic Monkeys' Do I Wanna Know. In all honesty, I think I may have faintly heard this song before, probably shopping in the mall or something, because it sounds familiar. But I'm not too hip to the Arctic Monkeys, so yeah this isn't on my Starred playlist on Spotify.

However, I am hip to MS MR and I love their music. I totally clicked play without paying attention to the title of the video and thought that this was just a live performance of their own original song. I watched the entire video and at the end was like, "Oh shit, that's a cover?!"

I say all of that to say this: MS MR completely shitted on Arctic Monkeys on their own song, bruh. I love the attitude Lizzy Plapinger put into the song and her voice is just fucking ill. The band complimented the new vibe she put in the song too. And as I write this post, I'm playing this video for the 5th time. 

If you just want some high quality music to check out for the purpose of experiencing something dope, press play my friend. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014


SIAAAA!!! Yes, the forever dope singer/songwriter named Sia has blessed us with some new music titled Chandelier! It's off her new album coming this summer. I don't think the name of the album has been released yet. But shit, we got a single and I am loving this!

At first, it sounds like a song that was written for Rihanna but once the hook comes in, it's so Sia. I mean Sia is just a beast with songwriting, so anyone (with genuine talent) could pull off one of her songs. Fun fact: Sia wrote Pretty Hurts for Beyonce. BOOM! Love the carefree and upbeat vibe of this track. Makes you just want to enjoy the moment and run around grinning ear to ear. And it's the perfect summer song. Hell yeah, Sia. Hell fuckin yeah!

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Tangerine Girl.

Man, when's the last time I had some Asher Roth on this site? Well, Asher is on some new shit with his latest single and video, Tangerine Girl. It's off his upcoming album, RetroHash. And what a perfect album title for the direction of his music lately.

Usually when artists get inspired by the past, it comes off like they're trying too hard. In the case of Asher's new music and especially Tangerine Girl, it just feels right. I think he has found one of many lanes he can have his talent travel in. It also seems like he has fully embodied the whole retro steez as well. I mean, the long hair looks great on him. But all in all, I'm excited to hear what Asher has cooked up for us and we'll get to try it out 4.22.14 when RetroHash drops. In the meantime, peep this actually kinda funny video. I want some roller skates now...

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Edits by ForteBowie.

Everyone knows that ATL's own ForteBowie is a multi-talented individual or like how he refers to himself as being "THAT nigga!" but do you really know how ill he is with each of his talents?

Well as far as his production goes, he has dropped some remixes of some of your favorites and recent hit records and I would be playing all of you if I didn't share them with you. From Miley Cyrus to Sade, Forte shows that he can baptize any song and let it be born again in our ears. So enough of me talking/typing and more of you people listening to the amazing masterpieces created by ForteBowie. Trust, you'll be thanking me later.

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Are You That Somebody.

 LA's own, BANKS takes on Aaliyah's modern R&B classic, Are You That Somebody while visiting BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. I am SUPER critical of anyone doing anything involving Aaliyah and her work because she means so much to me. With that being said, I saw that one of my favorite artists out right now covered Aaliyah and was like, "She better not fuck this up!" And she didn't.

BANKS killed this shit so smoothly. It's like she committed the illest crime ever and will never get caught for it. How she flipped the feel of the song without messing with the tempo and made her unique voice fit the melody and lyrics so well-this is like perfection. She has rightfully earned additional Brownie points with me. Thank you BANKS for giving honor and respect to Aaliyah. 

I haven't blogged in months and I had to just share this with y'all-that's says something.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The One.

JMSN chooses to visually express his music in an abstract and beautiful manner and his latest video, The One, is no exception to that. Directed by JMSN himself, through fabrics, milk, a horse, and a captivating woman, the video depicts the struggle of love and awareness of what may or may not seem obvious. At least that's what I got from it, but feel free to read JMSN official explanation of the video here!

JMSN's visuals get better and better and even if you can't rock with his music, you really have to watch his videos and experience something amazing. His videos really fuck with your mind in a very uncomfortable yet inspiring way. JMSN is a legend in the making and he taking the presentation of music to new levels. Open your eyes and mind as you experience, The One by JMSN. Enjoy!

Also check out his latest EP, †Pllaj√ę†, here!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Enter the Mayan ruins with singer/songwriter, FKA Twigs as she performs her song Hide, for Young Turk Records' DAZED Visionarie series. Performance video was directed by Yours I totally agree with anyone calling Twigs a visionarie. She is so intriguing and unique and not just in her music, but also in how she presents it to us. I like this performance. The setting, the little boys joining the band, -it all came out really dope. Check it out and enjoy!

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So Good.

Coming from across the pond, London producer, Moteleola drops off his single, So Good, featuring Cheer Dolor of Brooklyn, NYC and Sene of New Jersey. The single is off his upcoming project, Oasis Black

This track is such dope and hip mood music. Oh gosh, I said hip like I'm someone's grandmother-but I think the term is fitting here! Even though the vibe is on the mellow side of things, I still was dancing. It kinda reminds me of Phony PPL or The Internet but different. I thought this song was cute, dope, and overall easy to rock with. Gotta check out some of Moteleola's prior work but I'm interested in hearing more from him, especially with this new project. Check it out and enjoy!

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The Separation.

New York artist, Jon Bellion hopes to stand out from rest with his latest project, The Separation.  The project consists of 12 tracks that are all written and produced by Bellion himself. Artist features include Castro, Logic, and Blaque Keyz who all appear on the song, When the Lions Come. This is Job Bellion's second project and as expected, better than the last.

This project was so appropriately titled, The Separation. Jon Bellion really gave us so much of himself not only as an artist, but as a person in general. Artistically, he experimented more with his style and his ability, especially production wise. He was out to make some art and not just some cool shit for the people. And vocally, he showcased a lot more range which truly brought his lyrics to life.

Bellion really opened up about his journey as an artist and his success thus far and how it's impacted his life. He managed not to make it so depressing yet was very honest. I didn't feel like I was hearing someone's sad success story. It was more moving than anything. And he kept it light hearted with his wittiness (is that a word?!). The overall vibe of the project felt uplifting and fun.

I commend Bellion for this dope project. He did an amazing job and I really enjoy this project. I'm excited to see him continue to evolve in his art and really amaze with each release. If Jon Bellion is not on your radar, he should be now with this project. Listen to The Separation and thank me later. And that artwork is tough. Enjoy!

Jon Bellion's The Separation

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Hold It Down.

Izzy Jone$ gives us the visuals for his single, Hold It Down, 'fro freshly picked and all. It's off his upcoming EP, Nature and he ties in the theme as he wonders throughout the woods. The song and the video are really cool.

The video seems introspective in sense that Izzy walking and sitting in the woods resembles him exploring the thoughts in his mind. And the editing was pretty dope as well. I like the simple yet mind pulling production of the song and Izzy matched it nicely with his wordplay. In fact, I think his wordplay in this song is my favorite aspect out of all of this. Izzy Jone$ knows how to effectively use his voice as an instrument which really adds emphasis on his witty wordplay.

Spring of this year is when we should expect Izzy to introduce us to Nature, and it seems like it might just be a good trip. Enjoy!

Also check out Izzy Jone$' latest release, CROWN here!

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